Friday, November 1, 2013


Hey you all!!

Yay today is the first day of November. My fav month, and my birthday falls on this month as well! I am trying to update as much as possible cause I am currently working now! Sorry for the lack of updates.

So I went to the uss halloween horror nights 3 on the 25th October and it was quite fun for a first timer! It wasn't as scary as I expected. Jeslin and Joey said that this year's halloween night is not so scary compared to last year's one. But I really love the haunted houses, although I was scared and my head was down for almost the whole time but I still managed to go all 3 haunted house! So proud of myself yay!

Met Joey at around 6+ at vivo, then we went to find Matthew a.k.a nua king!

We walked to uss first then waited for the rest at the entrance. Yup so we went to queue first and Adriana said hi to us from the other line of the queue. We were discussing on where to go first yada yada, then rach came to say hi to us hehe. 

Jeslin and shaozheng finally reached and we were calling Damien and yita, rushing them cause the gate was gonna open any time soon! We ran to the place where we needed to wait before we go to all the haunted houses & rides when the gates opened. So we planned on where to go first, afterwards, me and Joey went to the entrance to wait for Damien and yita cause both of their tickets were with me. They fucking lied to us, telling us that they were walking to the entrance when they were still on the car. They finally reached after so longggggggg and we ran there to meet with the rest.

After all the distractions and the boom boom stuff, we ran to the first haunted house that we wanted to go, everyone was running for it lol. We waited for only like what, 2 minutes? Cause we ran duh. Adrift was an abandoned old haunted ship(if I can still rmb, I was too busy running and didn't really take any pictures on that night :(), I was so excited before I got in but after I got in I was scared as fuck but Damien put his arms around me cause he knew that I was scared, thank God I had him right by my side. There's one part of the haunted house that I hated the most omg, all the fake dead bodies were hanging on the ceiling and we had to walk through all of it ew, thinking of it makes me sick lol.

After that we walked towards one of the scare zones, attack of the vampires. The 3 of us(jes joe and me) were shouting at all the scare actors in their face who came to scare us, Jeslin's reaction the funniest lah please. Shaozheng and yita were at the back acting like they were fucking scared, hahaha my silly bunch of friends! And we also walked into the next scare zone, convention of curses! 

So our next stop was songs of death, all about Chinese ghosts! When we entered, there was this old lady who stood there and just stared at everyone who walked pass. My boyfriend told me "Chinese ghosts won't scream at you one so don't need scared" then the very next second, a scare actor pops up and screamed in my face. And he kept telling me to not be scared and that they can't touch us(which is true) but I was still scared as fuck. He kept shouting "Berlin Berlin Berlin" cause he thought that his cousin was one of the scare actor but she wasn't HAHAHA.

(sorry you guys, for this wordy post, hang in there alright)

After walking through the forbidden forest, the final scare zone, we headed to the last haunted house, possessions. 

This time, we had to wait. We waited for about 15 mins, not so bad eh! My stupid ass boyfriend even let go of me at one point of time and told me to walk on my own just to scare me, asshole!! There's this part where it is a toilet and it smells like shit. At the exit, pictures were taken hahaha I just looked at the picture and stood at the side to wait for the rest, Jeslin told me that one of the worker pointed at me and Damien's photo and said "so sweet" aw thank you guy-who-i-dont-really-know, you're-sweet!

I was sweating like mad and Damien was playing with my hair HAHAHA I can't even... Too cute eh!

We settled down and ate, yay to food, I really needed food so badly after going to all 3 haunted houses. I was so exhausted and I looked up to the human and cylon roller coaster thinking to myself whether if "someone" will be on it and will jump down to kill or hurt me HAHAHA WTF RIGHT!

I am still kinda sad that human and cylon wasn't open yet, it has been closed for more than 2 months? I was only excited for that ride but never mind, we got on the mummy ride yayyyy. Oh and Damien overcame his fear of roller coasters, all thanks to me hehehe.

While waiting in the queue for the shrek movie!

We didn't really take a lot of photos on that day cause everyone was just too lazy hahaha

Basically, we walked one big round around uss because we had nothing else to do and we were waiting for the transformers ride to open again cause it had some technical difficulties...

 Madagascar ride! 

We saw Berlin and talked to her for abit. Got this drink for Damien(the drink was way too sweet for me) and plain water for myself, I was so dehydrated!!!

Hahaha we got on the accelerator ride cause the transformers ride was still not open yet. Oh and there's one part of the sci-fi city, where your clothes will glow in the dark. I turned around to look at Joey and her teeth was glowing in the dark too hahaha so cool!

FINALLY QUEUING UP FOR THE TRANSFORMERS RIDE. A lot of people got out of the queue because they waited too long, lol some guy even tried to sabotage and say that it was still having technical difficulties, the girls behind us really believed and left LOL!
 Spent the rest of our last few hours in uss queuing up for the transformers ride, but it was still worth it lah, since Matthew have not taken that ride before. Our night ended there and all of us headed home. Reached home at about 2am? Such a great time with these lovely people. I really hope that next year's halloween night will be better than this year's hehe.

Dinner with this ass after work xoxo <3

Hehe met Damien for dinner again after work, spending my time with him makes me happy!



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