Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hey everyone! Back for an update. It was my first day of work today and it was okay I guess? Have to wake up at 7 plus every morning now, sigh! I am so lazy to blog but I have missed this space so badly! Life's great, but I am not used to working, it's my first time working today and at first everything was just awkward when the person introduced me to everyone but they are all so nice omg?!?! In the beginning I almost dozed off cause I really had nothing to do but after awhile I got real busy! My mommy kept asking me about my work during dinner just now and I whined about how tiring it was. Whatever, but I'm getting my pay, so everything will be worth it! 

The second best night of my life!!(the best night of my life was back in 2011 hehe)

Met Ethel at nex to change then we headed to Shermin's school so that her friend's driver could drive us to the concert. When we reached we saw a bunch of people running into the fan zone area and we were going crayyyyyy crayyyyyyy! But we still got a good spot, lol I swear to God that singapore's security system is fucked up, if you're reading this and you were there at the concert, you'll feel the same way. AT FIRST, we were so close to the stage but the fucking security guard threatened us and we moved to the back. Me Ethel and Shermin were trying damn hard to squeeze our way through people and going to the front. Everyone was so dehydrated, thirsty and tired!!! 

Before Justin's performance, it was owl city! Kinda sad that not a lot of people in the crowd knew their song other than Good Time etc., I'm not a big fan of owl city so I didn't really enjoyed myself at first until their pop song came up!


I really enjoyed myself on that day!! JUSTIN YOU MADE SO MANY GIRLS CRIED!!!!! After the concert, we walked back to city hall mrt and we were desperate to find a freaking 7eleven cause we were so fucking thirsty, we finally found one 7eleven and I bought slurpee & peach tea! HAPPINESS!!!!


I finally got my ringlight! Yayyyyy

Lunch with Sijie and I watched insidious chapter 2 with her, not very scary cause it's PG13!

Wanna buy this wallet when I get my pay heh maybe!

YAY we got our uss halloween night 3 tickets!!! 


A short advertorial for @cheapdeals_here!!!

 Mickey Mouse denim jacket!!

I really love it even though sg's weather is not suitable for this kind of denim material but girls are just too vain, aren't we?

Oh, anyway this two shades below is from @threeplets_ they just opened their po 5!!

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Will be back soon again with another update, see y'all xoxo