Sunday, November 17, 2013


I am back for more updates y'all! If you have been keeping track with my updates, you'll know that I am busy workingggg and NOT enjoying my holidays. Well, at least I can get to save money and have a taste of what the working industry/world is like. My boss and colleagues are very fun to be around with, and they don't make me feel uncomfortable at all (idk how many times i have said this already).

I have spent quite a lot on clothes lately omg. I REALLY CAN'T STOP, someone should just help me keep all my money so I can stop my itchy fingers from spending it all up. Anyways, I'm going to be doing a november favs/december haul vid anddddd I cannot wait for 1st december when my pay comes in hehehe. November is definitely my fav month of the year because y'know it is my birthday month and I just realize that there are sooooo many november babies omg!?!?


So lately I have been thinking about lots of stuff. We all know that we have our own enemies in the past that we have had fights with. And I am glad to say that I have earned myself a new friend, a new friendship with someone who I know can be trusted. When I look back, I think that it is funny how we always fight about stupid things like what was I thinking?!?! It also feels good to know that there's someone who actually care for me, tells me something good about myself sincerely and can give me the best advice even though we had a very rough past... All the fights was worth it, not in the bad way but it surely taught us a lesson and we grow from it. 

I think its good that I got out of my comfort zone and just make peace with the ones whom I once had a bad/rough past with. I don't really trust people that easily(due to the past) but this time, it's different, she gave me a different kind of vibe and let me know that friendship means a lot to her. I just felt like I can trust her, relate to her and just talk to her. Some people say that your own enemies will become your friends, IT IS TRUE HAHAHA. It didn't really matter who said sorry first but at the end of the day, we both gained each other as friends and not remain as enemies, and it is also good that we're starting to learn new things about each other as friends. I'm just so happy that I finally got everything off my chest and it feels so much more lighter now!

People nowadays should really just get that heavy burden/hate off their chest and start a new friendship with the people that they never expected to befriends with. It is better to make new friends than making more enemies. ;-) #lessonlearned #expecttheunexpected

Sushi for breakfast at work!

Love all the long bus rides & walks with my dearest boyfriend <3 <3 <3 


HAHAHAHA I CANNOT *inserts laughing emoji*

I have been kindly sponsored by cupsofdaisies. I really love all the apparels that they brought in!! Route 66 Crop Top sponsored by them!! I am falling in love with crop tops heh <3 <3 <3 

I really love this Route 66 Crop Top, it is so pretty especially when the "Route 66" word is in metallic gold!!! Easy to match, very casual and cheap too. ;-)

Here are some of my other fav apparels from cupsofdaisies!

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Heh can't wait for my birthday and my hk trip during cny, so many people going to korea when my mom decided not to go there :((( Good bye, till then. Xoxo