Monday, January 2, 2012

‎2012 = another 12months, 52weeks, 366days, 8,736hours, 524,160minutes, 31,449,600seconds of struggle, growth, progress & experience.

Hi guys here to have my last update before school re-opens. Not that I won't update again, but not that often.
Yup so friday I went Outram Secondary with my sister to buy her books and uniform. I was dying on my way there, I swear. Lots of walking to do and it's freaking hot. Sweating like some mother fucker.... -.-

So let's continue with the pictures...

So yeap that's all. After that I straight went to little india then walked to kkb to look for baby. I was so damn tired and he's so sweet please x.x

So we went cathay at around 4+ and then watch "The Darkest Hour". Rate it 2.3/5!
It was quite boring because all they do is run around and panic and stuffs.... But still not bad, I hope there's "The Darkest Hour 2" so that I can know what happened...

That's all about friday. 

Countdown was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
Although at first I was all sad about not being able to meet baby because he can't make it... but in the end, still met him for countdown.

After I reached his grandma's house then she started calling me, berlin and amanda to go for the countdown party. So we went with his grandfather too.

We went to 7eleven and bought a drink because we were super tired...

So after all the partying, baby sent me home. So on our way walking back to jurong point he piggyback me, such a sweet guy right! Love him so so so much <3

So after I reached my house area like finally, went to find my sister and her cliques!

Clarissa and Dionne




My sister and dionne

And a last picture before all of you go

So yep, done here... Didn't take much photos because everywhere was crowded with people and everyone is so sweaty... School is starting tomorrow so good luck to all of you. Alright, till next time bye! x
Anyway, I'm gonna sell some of my clothes because I'm in need of money. Please do support <3