Sunday, January 22, 2012


Sup guys! Just a short entry, again.  Sorry for the lack of proper updates... I promise after cny, there will be a proper update okay. :-) Please be patient. x
Chinese New Year today and hope all of you stay happy ah, turn that frown up-side-down ^.^
Since this is just a short update, I'll just keep it short. A few pictures of me below (taken yesterday)...

Happy new year everyone!!!! Wishing you forever healthy and happy okie :-) Have fun collecting ang bao(s), turn that frown up side down too :-) All of you confirm get a lot of money one lah. Girls will go do our shopping and for the guys, have fun carrying her bags of clothes and stuffs she buy hehehehe. :P

I don't think I have anything to talk about lo, this post damn boring and plain one please. Hahaha I wanna die now :-(

Received 3 ang baos already, haven't open yet lah sia. I hope I'll get lotsa lotsa money so I can go shopping with my dear Eliza, she want meet up but up till now still haven't. That girl ah, too busy with her things then never talk to me liao sia :-( Sadgirl97 here... Anyway, I have to do lots of meet up with my girls, promised all of them!

So had my reunion dinner last night, gonna talk about it when I'm free. And also to keep this space updated with at least something :-)

Last picture of this post and now I have to go prepare to visit my relatives. Everybody will confirm say "Xin nian kuai le, ang bao kuai dian na lai" in their heart and mind hahaha. K la, my mother nagging me to go bathe already. Till next time people, bye X