Sunday, January 8, 2012

Do whatever you want. And if it’s something you’ll regret in the morning, sleep late.

Hi guys! Already dying on the first week of school but at least I've survived it. The funniest thing happened in my life, I became the vice-chairman of the class. HAHAHA okay go ahead and laugh all you want. Fyi, I'm laughing hard at myself too but oh well, need to do my job and I promised a whole lot of people that I'll study hard and behave. So our school have a new male vice-principal. New rules and it totally suck! But my class, awesome. Meh... I still miss 2N2 a lot... It's like the most awesome class I ever had lah. I miss all my classmates :(

Okay, shall move on to the CCA open house yesterday...

Hahah baby, he was in the different group and he had to paint his face with the camouflage paint.
I swear it is damn hard to wash it lah.

This was really candid, when I was taking minsan turned and looked. Laughed hard at this.

With Syafiqah <3

No.1 Uniforms yo!

My bun damn ugly right! Did my hair last minute cause I was the last one to reach there. Forever late one.

I know I very short, save the comments to yourself.

Blister on ma' leg, ouch :(

Luqman!!! Our class joker last year, but sadly he retained......

After all cca stuffs, went to baby's house. His grandma bought lunch and then we headed to NEX to buy gongcha.

Then went to kovan to collect baby's school pants....

On our way to cathay

Since we got bored, went to St. Games to play FIFA 12. But I didn't play, obviously if I play, I'll lose to baby. I'm a noob okay!

Last picture of me before all of you go...

So yeap, that's it. Just a short update :) Took me like about 3 hours because I was busy watching movies and forgot about blogging hahaha alright. School tomorrow, again.... Argh! Study hard, all of you. Score well for class tests and exams, you'll regret if you don't!!! Toodles ;)