Wednesday, November 16, 2011


                                                This is so long time ago. HAHAHA
Hello everyone. Ain't gonna say that much because I've got nothing much to say... Just a short post :) How's life everyone? Great? Good? Fine? Suckish? Or a bitch? Mine's definitely fine. Have been spending my days with baby over at his house. Watching him sleep early in the morning by his bed and he's such a cutie, I swear. And yes, I've changed my blog skin and change a little details about my blog. It is so much better now aites! ^.^ Two days back I went over to baby's house and we camwhored, like finally but the image like went wrong and it was fucking small :( Oh well, gonna post some up still.

So this are the super small pictures. -.- Should kill myself now but I can still at least see memories over here :)
Today actually should attend my class bbq but back off in stead, but at least there are still quite a number of people who turned up and the worse thing is, it rained in the afternoon and I don't know what they did. Well, will go for the next class outing then. No worries :)
People have been asking questions about me and Damien, we are perfectly fine with each other and that's all y'all should know :) I still got some rude questions like "are you a virgin? you and damien so long oredi never fuck meh? O.o" Oh c'mon anon, who said that couples who are together for a very long time had sex before? Or need to have sex? They just need to spend quality time with each other, doing things they want to do and have their romantic and fun day out, right? We ain't Americans, we are Asians. Remember that :) Not insulting or going against Americans though!!!! 

Hmm I guess that's all I wanna say. Need to get my nails done soon and go look for a job at FEP with Stacey this Saturday. Wish me the best of luck for getting a job there, hahahah. Alright, enjoy your holidays :) Turn that frown up-side-down. Lastly, click on my Nuffnang... THANKS A BUNCH, toodles!!!