Thursday, December 30, 2010

Say bye-bye to 2010 and hello at 2011 people!

Hey people out there.
Last day of 2010, Harharhar. bye to 2010 and hello at 2011 babes and dudes!

- Buy new clothings and shoes and alotta things with Stacey(?)
- Today, count down party(?) with baby and others(?) or with family!(?)
- 4th jan, start of school :(
- Concentrate on studies and my dearest baby, gonna learn how to cook (my cooking skills, argh sibei cmi :( )

- Then celebration of CNY, going either biao yi's house and stay then, we celebrate going around and taking ang bao(s)(?)
Spend my day with baby and the rest(?)
Gonna go taiwan/korea/thailand with mummy!(?)
- Rebond my hair(?) Should i?
- Save at least $70 a week
- Cut down on shopping! :(
- Go out everyday but still, must study hard!
Yeap, mostly it will be going on like this. Mummy's going china with her company, and know what? More freedom! Awwww... so is... more time with my dearest baby and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeepee! Okay, i must cut down on going out also :( Cause, streaming year leyy sec 2. Must study hard! harharhar. So yes, have been thinking of what to cook for my dearest. On our 5th. harharhar. So yeah, *thinking real hard*

I don't mean to post all your pictures here you guys but, yes, i did it on purpose ;)

Well, talk about yesterday.
Nothing much, didn't take picture cause there's nothing to take. LOL.
-Went to ICA to do my passport.
And then, went to parkway to look for my bag~ Was indeed tired of walking. Harharhar. i'm shoshosho good yesterday, i only bought a bag! A bag only! Went look for leopard bag, spot one but my mum said that it's ugly. So we went to other shops. Wanted to buy the guess bag, but, my mum says that it's too heavy-.- But it's NOT TO ME! Really, it's not that heavy. The stupid salesgirl agreed with my mum that the white bag suits me more-.- But IT'S TOTALLY UGLY! I swear it's ugly k!

And so, we went walking around again. Walked into Charles and Keith, and then there's bags which are quite nice. Omg, i love their shoes okay, i nearly bought a shoes, but, my sister was like saying "Not nice la, plus, the design like ahma." I felt so damn insulted, is my taste that bad? NO RIGHT?! harharhar, so after getting that bag, my mum and sister start shopping all the way and i started to cry that my leg is super pain, first time when shopping, 'cuz i wasn't the one shopping. harharhar. so yeahh...
After that went for a dinner, wasn't in the mood to eat. 'Cuz my legs are hurting like fuck. Then headed home. Tmrw, goddaddy gonna come visit me and my sister in the morning i think? Teehee.
Well, now a post for my baby and my girlfriends!
So, here i go...

Hey my dearest baby, :)
It's been three days since we haven meet :( Been busy with friends hor you :( Well, today last day of 2010. 2011 gonna come yeah! Hope next year's a good one :) Well, we've gone thru thick and thin! And we have know each other for about going a year.

Although it's always quarreling(s) and major ones, i can take it. I can do anything for you, but i really don't like quarrelings, i know couples do quarrel, but don't quarrel that much okay? :) I love you whole-heartly. No matter what. I would stick with you! and never be apart from you! =]

So let bygones be bygones. Those quarreling(s) we had, just put it behind. What a great year. Filled with tears, laughters, smiles, memories, pictures, you you you, broken hearts, and worrying about everything about you. Say peaceout to 2010 and holla at 2011 baby! ♥

‎2011, let's change. Let's forget all the drama from past years. Let's move on day to day with each other. Let's make memories. lets take 1 trillion pictures. Let's be loving couples, no matter what people say and think we are, just be a loving couples :). Let's love. Let's chill.

It's time to change.‎ Baby, save me from this year, 2011. we only get to make the best of we two at 2011 for a year, so let's live on our happy life, be together forever and never ending relationship!

Everybody has their different ways of handling life situations. I'll do anything to protect you no matter what cost. I don't care any fucks about what people out there say about us.I won't change for the sake of anyone, but except you.

Your the only guy that has the capability of doing anything to me, so, i love you. :)

You're a perfect boyfriend would shout I love you down the hall way & doesn't give a fuck to whoever who hears it.

Thing you would do ♥:
You would not cheat on her. You would not talk to girls that i don't like, you won't even go near them. you would spend his time only with me. When i'm angry, you would try all means to make me happy, no matter how hard & impossible it is.

You would praise her, from the bottom of his heart. you would never leave me no matter what. you would buy all the things i have ever dreamt of. you would tell me everytime how much he loves her. you would hug me like nobody's business.

You would kiss me like there's no tomorrow. you would respect me in everyway. you would kiss her goodbye & hug me to warm up my morning. you would not bother about sensitivity, you would not care who are trying to get me, because you believe that i won't go with other guy and i won't!

Hoping that i would give you the trust you needed. & you know that i hope that you won't abuse my trust i have given. you would talk about how great life is going to be when it's officially with me ;). Talking about everything we could. And your sweet talks are just always melting my heart.

A perfect boyfriend would never cheats on his girlfriend & he will never breaks his promise he made. WE WILL MARRIED EACH OTHER WON'T WE ;)?

I wish, that we last forever! and when we are like 18-20, go get married k? ^^ hehe. I know your loving me alot right now and till forever, till the day we both die!! Every bits and pieces of memories and all those things we did, i keep it on my mind forever! ♥

I love you, everything, that's happening right now and i need not feel lonely because i know that i have you, i need not dwell on the past. Since we've walked till now, let's just stay like that :) Never apart :)

The only thing that's yet to be gone is the bad past memories, and i'm sure that we'd fill up our present memories and replace them with the old ones. love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu hehe ^.^
Love, your future wife, Vanessa teo shi hui.

K, here's post for my babygurl(s), girlfriend(s).

She's my girlfriend! She's cute, sweet, chio, everything i ever wanted! She's always with me and cheering me up.
♥ Troubles gonna end here. All end here :) I will really keep the memories that we had. Although we have not know each other for long, but we had been close girlfriends to each other. Thanks for making me happy always, and giving me ideas ;) I had all bearly keep it on my mind. ♥

She's my cookiemonster! She's chio, cute, sweet. I just can't get my eyes off her!
Hey cookie monster! ♥ Thanks for always being by my side and telling me that you love me and all those sweet stuffs. Manicure tgt soon ohgey!!? ♥ Although last time we are not so close, but now, we were like, omg, damn close can! ♥ I love you♥ And i will always be by your side and loving you ♥

She's my babygirl! She's chio, kind, sweet and cute, sometimes quite silly too ;)
♥ Awww... thanks for cheering me up and loving me alot. Felt blessed ♥ I had all the things i wanted and i don't want to lose it at 2011 :) Thanks for always being by my side and care for me. ♥ I really appreciate it :) I love you k! ♥ No matter what, i will still be there for you. ♥

Ginny ng.
She's my sweetheart! She's chio, cute, kind and sweet, and she's talented!
Hey junior! Thanks for always being there and loving me! I really appreciate it! MEET UP SOON, and let's goof around, let's dance and sing tgt! ♥ I love you no matter what my dear girl! ♥

She's my junior! She's lovely, kind, sweet, chio and friendly!
Hey my dear junior! Although we had not known each other for long. But i'm sure we do have feelings for each other right? :) I love your hair, your awesome, and cute! Thanks for always being there for me!

She's my girlfriend. She's chio, good, kind, cute!
Hey girlfriend! Hahrharhar, those heart2heart talks are good aren't they? I'll keep giving you advice! and remember, i'm always here for you :) Thanks for always being there for me and supporting me. And those sweet talks, awww... melts my heart!

She's my cupcake! She's chio, cute and sweet!
♥ harhar, i love you ttm! your always there for me whenever i need you. ♥ Don't forget me okay! ♥ Thanks for always cheering me up whenever i'm down. ♥ i love you narh! ♥ don't leave me also! YOU TIMER AH! MARRIED TO ANOTHER GIRL :(

She's my laogong, she's kind, pretty and sweet!
HI LAOGONG! Thanks for always being there for me! ♥ I love you no matter what! ♥ Sorry for always not going meet you on this holidays :( I will replace it with school days okay? But sometimes cannot, i need go meet fredrick :) Well, glad to know you this great laogong! ♥

She's my boyfriend! She's chio, sweet, i would definitely go crazy with her!
♥ I know we had always quarrel past few months over my stupid attitude. Well, it's all over now :) We will put all the things back behind and be friends tgt forever :) I'll change :) First day of school go school tgt right? Cause i'm gonna meet Liyi. Let's go back to those days where we were going crazy!

She's my bestfriend! She's cute and lovable!!!!
I don't know what have happened to you, but cheer up no matter what! ♥ Thanks for always being there for me when i'm down. NOw, it's gonna be my turn k! ♥ harharhar. meet up soon! ♥ I miss you :( LOL!!!!! LOVE YOU K!

She's my dearest friendddd! ♥ She's chio, cute, caring, kind and lovable!
♥ Although we had not talked that much. But must talk next year okay! ♥ THANKS for cheering me up and being such great friends to me. I really appreciate it. ♥ Those talks we had, never forget k! ♥ Let's go sing tgt soon with jun and daphne(?) alright?

She's my friend! Dearest friend! She's cute, kind, caring, lovely, always there for me! :)
Hey my dearest friend! ♥ ALTHOUGH we had not know each other for a long time, but fate brought us tgt and now, what we are now, i'm happy enough :) Thanks for always helping me and cheering me up! ♥ Thankiew very much! ♥ Go sing soon tgt with simin and daphne(?) alright?

So yeah, i'm done with all the things!
And to friends out there, have a success 2011 and leave those unlucky days during 2010!