Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm not trying to ignore you, I'm just hoping to see you put in some effort to make the first move.

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating on time although I promised that I would, tight schedules making me so so soooooo busy.... Well, just went out with my sillybum and just got home. I've got pictures to share with you all! :) HAHAHAH, exams are around the corner, and I hope everyone of you do very well in it! For now, I'm being a goodgirl concentrating on my exams! Baby told me to study hard, because when he sees my result, he say like that will like retain or drop. :( somemore vp have a bad impression of me... so I must work real hard.

Currently using bb's iPod to update this space, I miss him dearly although he just send me home... Hehe let me briefly talk about school on Thursday and Friday! :)

Went to school early in the morning, and took homework from enyu to copy. :P then went to the canteen to look for my fellow cliques! Assembled in the parade square after that, then went back to class. Mother tongue was like fucked up, spend my time slacking/sleeping then copied my work from friends. Then moral education, mrs chua didn't come for the first lesson, so whole class was in chaos! :(

I srsly cannot stand the boys,(Steven & Gabriel) they actually played with the beetle and throw it around like to train it to fly! Poor beetle sia, kana bully by them. All the girls were like screaming cause they keep disiao. The beetle flew to elfian's back, and guess what? He screamed like some gay. Hehe omg. Can't stand elfian's joke. -.- I was all the way either sleeping/ just copying my science notes, they didn't really disturb me cause they know Damien will go find them. Lol so they began to bang the tables and teachers from other classes cannot stand it and came to my class and nag!

Recess with liyi, and others.

English was like nothing? Only go thru test. Boring :( math I was doing my class test so I no need to pay any attention to the class (Y) History was a very fruitful one! Ms loh asked us to revise more for history, cause common test was on that day as well. After school, history common test then went home with baby.

English was the first period and all of my classmates and I were dying of boredom! Music lesson I went to counselling with miss yeo, talked a lot... And ya, talking about miss yeo, before that after the assembly, vp came and ask me to her office to talk. Lol she said she liked me then she give me so much attention -.- likea fake only sia. She think I so easy to lie to? Hehehehe recess with baby alone. <3

Science period was okay? Studied about voltage and firmly understand! Cause I love science. Went to the lab after that for a experiment, took pictures. Will be updating on that on Monday when I'm using my laptop. :) math period was reliefed by teacher, ms lee, our Chinese teacher came in and relief, I copied the math work from enyu as mr pek ask us to do... And then the next period, mr chua came, and luqman went crazy "fake sneezing" and go disiao gunalan. Lol so fucken funny, even mr chua laughed out loud with us. 2N2 cannot be controlled eh? So after that cause luqman threw the tissue with water on the ceiling, mr chua asked him to pick up the rubbish, and he pick up all the rubbish, and throw it out the window. -.- bushman mxm sia!!!! No wonder he's born to be irritating, I think his parents can't stand him either.

After school spend my time with baby before ncc starts, had lil' funny tiffs over something but was back to normal after awhile! Hehe went to change to pt, and then waited for our surgeon to ask us to fall in, had a amazing race. Was in a group with baby,(me, Megan, Erin, rachel, Matthew, nameerah, senado, jacius, Jared & some other sec1(s) were in a group) but then the stupid Rachel(senior) came and extra to separate us away from each other. -.- totally not in the mood to do anything and was all mad. So there are total of 5stations, was the 2nd group to leave, and at least we passed all obstacles! At the last station, baby accompanied me. <3 how sweet. <3 he asked me to to smile as my face was totally black. :/ so after that we went to look for the flag, but didn't look closely, our group actually found the red flag, but Erin said it wasn't, so we thought it was not the flag, but It was actually the fucken flag!!!! Hehe at least my group got the 2nd! ^.^ baby's group got 1st ^.^ our price were some cheapskate stuffs, should just give us sweets even better!

Hehe mr koh talked to us about our behavior, and then we cheered loudly, baby was being hyper-active! Baby walked me to the bus-stop although his aunt is coming to fetch him, he talked to me and asked me to be careful. <3 So sweet of him for sending me to the bus-stop although he still needs to walk a long distance after such a tired training! :( <3 such a sweet boy! I love him forever mxm! <3

Gonna go off to sleep now! and I'm tired now. :( xoxo, will blog & update on Monday more okie! :)