Thursday, August 25, 2011

I hate it when I'm in the midst of crying, and suddenly someone appears, then I have to immediately wipe off my tears and flash out a smile.

Hey readers.

Came here to update as i'm free. Hmmm well can't update about saturday as i've got no pictures with me, all in baby's phone :( Sorry to disappoint you guys.


                                HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMELIA YEO!
Hey dear, honestly speaking... We weren't in good terms at all at the start of the school, but after all the hangouts and stuffs, we became good friends. Here's a Happy Birthday wish to you ok honey! Although your small in size, but I bet your very very capable! xoxo.

Yes, I'm done with the common tests already... but, end of year examinations are not over yet, so can't be relaxed still. But i'm already studying so hard for the sake of myself. I promised everyone I would study hard, and yes I did & all of them saw how hardworking am I!

Got back almost all of my results except for math. I bet that I will surely fail my math...

English: 14/25
Chinese: 65/100
Science: 27/50
History: 17/35
English: It was still alright? But I don't use to score that low... Maybe it's because I didn't really wrote my summary properly. But needa work real hard and study a lot.

Chinese: Always score 60+, but at times I failed. Hehe at least I did well for this common test ^.^

Science: My best subject yet I only passed by 2 fucking marks? :( Hehe pathetic mxm. BUCK UP VANESSA

History: Failed by just half a mark, confirm my teacher don't want give mark. hehehehe joking... All my Sourced Based Questions(SBQ) are not that good as how I did last time :( Really needa buck up!

Baby said I did my best, at least i'm better than last time and managed to pass all. Last term I all fail. :/ Hehe note to self: "If I wanna study, I can do it, and I can really pass." People saying that I was super vulgar and not kind.

Uh huh, last time I am really very bad-tempered... but people change don't they? I've already changed a lot after I got together with Damien. He really turned me into like another person, and i'm really very obsessed with him, totally.

Maybe I talk about saturday? :) I've got nothing else to say cause school was super boring... oh wait, talk about school first!

 School today was equally boring.

Mother tongue, I did my homework on the spot, and go through common test paper.
ME eh.... went for counselling, talk until like about 10.40 and didn't even go for recess, hungry mxm man. Asked stickys from enyu during English lesson, did a literature test.
Math, didn't pay attention... As I was enjoying myself eating sweets as well, thanks to my dear lydia.
History, go through test paper.
After school went to Liyi's house... Played with her dog then went to eat with his family. Had a whole lot of laughter as I was the joker there. Laughing like some mad girl.

Home around 6+.

 Batam trip.

With baby

20 AUGUST 2011 (Saturday)

Headed to meet baby around his house area like about 12+. Then he let me waited till like 2+ and was all fed up. Because his aunt asked him to do finish his work. He came down after I called him, then we headed to Vivo city to catch a movie. Went to buy the tix, decided to catch "Zookeeper" @ 5.40..?

So waited for baby's dad while we went up to the arcade then went to take a few pictures...

After baby's dad called, then we went back to the mrt and fetch him. We walked around and see whether what we want to eat, so baby decided to eat Carl's Jr. so went in and took the seats, baby and his dad went to order, while I was waiting at the table... Didn't expect his dad to buy me a burger, and I was super full that time. Didn't have a choice, so in the end I ate it :( SUPER LOTS OF OIL SIA. Fattening much. After eating we send baby's dad back to the mrt.

While walking back to Vivo, some indian pretty babe walked to us and asked us "if people should give all the prisoners who came out from the prison" then baby did all the answering, so yeap bought things from her as she asked us so politely then after that we head for our movie! Baby was laughing thru the movie, likea cute <3 Love him mxm!!!
After the movie, we headed home and it's already like about 8+ going 9, so baby send me back home and he headed home after that.

Photos are all with baby, will update again once he send it to me. Okie, here are the rest of the photos!

Ms Koh! <3

Enough of pictures, will head to sleep now? Tired max eh :( hehe, okay will update again! Hope i've got something to update about! ;) Goodgirl97 gonna turn in now, geekyyyyyyyyyyyyy. xoxo bye!