Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Advert: Blanc Eyelash Salon

I was invited to go down to a beauty parlour, Blanc Eyelash Salon. It was my first time getting extension done for my lashes, and fyi my lashes are veryyyyyyy short. Even after applying layers of mascara over my eyelash, it still look kinda short to me. And I have always wanted Kendall/Kylie Jenner's lashes.

Never have I ever wanted to extend my eyelash because of one reason: I'M VERY LAZY. I have heard from people that taking care of eyelash extensions can be pretty troublesome but what to do if you want to look prettier? HAHA.


Blanc Lash is a Japanese Lash Salon that uses presium synthetic fibre, what's great about these lashes is that they are very lightweight! Blanc has more than 70 stores around the world, Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. & now in Singapore too!

I was asked to fill in the registration form and there was questions like 'Are you wearing any eye make up' or 'Did you had any eye surgery recently' for me to tick yes or no. An advice to all of you who will be going to extend your lashes, don't put on any eye make up like eyeliner, mascara etc. because after the session, you can do your make up outside! But even if you have eye make up on, it's fine because they'll help you to remove it.

There are various lengths and thickness of the extensions for you to choose from. My consultant was very patient with me and also suggested what's best for me. I told her that my school allows eyelash extension but I want to look natural. I actually wanted B for the curl but she told me that C looks very natural too so I went with her suggestion. 

So here's what I chose:
Curl and thickness: C & 0.15mm
For the length: 11-12mm
And I got mix.

This is a before picture of my lashes, my eyelash can be seen thanks to the tape. It was my first time doing eyelash extension and they told me beforehand that it'll sting a little but the pain is bearable.

(Below are pictures of some of their product, you can head to their website to find out more about it: http://blanc-lash.sg/)
The entire procedure lasted for about 1.5hrs or shorter, which is pretty fast. I was talking to patricia and I fell asleep after awhile. Patricia was very professional at it and she made sure that I felt comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

She gave me all the detailed instructions of after-care on eyelash extensions and also gave me a beginner set: 2 Double Cleansing Gel & Eyelash Comb. I was also told to avoid any contact with water for 6-7 hours after application. 
Going out right after your appointment? Don't worry because they have this space for you to do your make up so you don't have to wear any eye make up when you're heading there for your appointment!

Thank you Patricia for pampering my eyelash and making them look prettier. I was not use to it at first after doing it but now, I am in love with it! Honestly, I think I look so much better now, I can go out with no eye make up on & still look good, yay!!

My lashes are still very well intact after 2 weeks. I don't need to take longer to prepare anymore. So happy & satisfied that I have long and lush lashes all the time now. Thank you Blanc Eyelash Salon!

For customers age below 21 years old:
Upper lash 50-50 = $70. (U.P $170)
Upper lash 50-50 + Lower lash 20-20 = SGD $100 only!

For customers age above 21 years old.
Upper lash 40-40 = SGD $105


Blanc Eyelash Salon is located at:
10 Sinaran Drive #B1-135, Novena Square 2
Singapore 307506

Call them now for appointment now!!
Tel: +65 6250 1173 / 9723

Instagram: @Blanc.sgp