Saturday, September 26, 2015

I need a break from school / Updates!

Hello everyone! So sorry that I've neglected this space, it's been almost 1+ month since my last update... I've been very busy with school for the past few weeks, I have so many draft but I ended up being lazy and not posting it cause I only got pictures in it.

Finally done shooting with my final year project shooting and I am so happy. It was such a tiring 6 days of filming/shooting. But I'm glad that all the shots were okay, except for this one scene(a few shots) so we have to schedule to reshoot for that... Now we're doing post production and I am in charge of marketing so I have to edit the poster.

But I really can't wait for my fyp to be over!!! I'm currently having my two week holidays right now but I have to go back to school next week again so technically, IT'S NOT EVEN COUNTED AS A HOLIDAY. Oh haha I went back last week too. Damn, I really need a break from school man. Being a producer is super stressful?! All the paperworks can give me a headache by just looking at it. Sometimes I really feel like breaking down because it's just too much. But it's okay, it'll be over soon(I hope).

Yay, it'll be Monday in two days time and I'll be back in Damien's arms again. Can't wait to see him <3

Here's some of the photos that I took since last month HAHA

Ellysage Day - 02/08/2015
Full outfit:

Bag - @shopkysse

Grid collared dress from @shopsassydream

Echosmith concert with Sunny ( - 11/08/2015

USS with Jeslin again - 18/08/2015
Top - Bugis street
Shorts - Carousell

Luna knit monochrome dress from

Went to Insadong Korea Town(if i'm not wrong) to have our dinner.

Jumpsuit from @ellysage

Top - @shoppoah
Maxi skirt - @kittyondeck
Gladiators - Bugis street

Gracia's early birthday chalet/surprise - 21/08/2015
Shoes - @the.tapestry

We wanted to go cycle on the first night but the rental place was closed so we went to the arcade instead HAHA.

We didn't take any group pictures on the first day, so we took it on the second day in the morning before we leave the chalet.

Nacho and Taco - 30/08/2015


Bag from @shopkysse! <3

Spent some time with Trex because I couldn't send her off on the day that she's flying to China. Study hard and take care baby, rest if you need to okay and don't overwork/tire yourself out! <3

Romper - @prettywildrebels
Shoes - @the.tapestry

Necklace - @auroraaccessories

Went down to Space Invasion for SIMS6.

Cruising date - 17/07/2015
(This is a super throwback but the food was soooo good)
So after cruising, we decided to go to Whisk and Paddle to have our early dinner. 


Went to the airport to send this two off to Shanghai, so sad that I couldn't go cause I already went on the tianjin trip with school but I'm glad that they had fun.

Bedroom and wardrobe goals omg!!!!

Alright, that's it for today. I promise that I'll try my best to update more often. Actually, I'm thinking of making a dayre account but I don't know, I'll update you guys again! :) Thank you for reading even though I think that I've lost most of my readers HAHA. Byeeeeeeee! <3