Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Santa's Igloo

I received an invite from Santa's Igloo a week ago, and I am here to share my experience there with you guys! :) 

Santa's Igloo is an anti-cafe where you can pay for the time spent and get to enjoy everything else in the cafe. Perfect place to hangout and chill with your friends! I'll explain more about the place below with the pictures. Oh, and stay till the end of this post for a giveaway!

When I first stepped into Santa's Igloo, I fell in love with the place! I mean, who doesn't love Christmas? Everybody loves the Christmas season hahaha. The place is so cozy, makes me feel like I'm in another place out of Singapore.
 photo SAM_2936_zpszkyqj43k.jpg
 photo SAM_2937_zpshdknwnuh.jpg
They are equipped with entertainment facilities such as: 
Mini-Golf, Darts, Pool, Foosball and many other exciting games/boardgames and toys in their Santa's Workshop. There's also Leap Motion, where you can play games like Fruit Ninja etc.! They also have Oculus Rift, a Virtual Reality headset for all of you to engage & experience the VR world. I am not a fan of horror games/movie. It was quite scary for me, it really feels like I am in the game because of the 360 degrees view. The basketball game is my top favourite! You can also get to "ride on" the VR roller coaster ride. Super cool but I got very dizzy after hahaha.

 photo SAM_2943_zps8zsho5kk.jpg
 photo SAM_2973_zpsxei0xbgj.jpg
 photo SAM_2944_zpstrr9deln.jpg
 photo SAM_2945_zpsybv0vdqp.jpg
Look at all these games at the Santa's Workshop!

 photo SAM_2974_zpsrdulxvfy.jpg

Did you know: Santa's Igloo was formally known as the Cuddle's Cafe, that explains the cats on the wall hahaha. Isn't it cute?! photo SAM_3026_zpssu5oshzb.jpg

You can get to enjoy over 20 different types of cereals at the cereal bar. They also have white chocolate fondue with marshmallows and snacks for you to reminisce your childhood. If I didn't ate my dinner before going to Santa's Igloo, I will definitely finish all the snacks?!?! And if you're thirsty, don't worry, you can also enjoy free-flow beverages and hot drinks too! There is ice-cream as well, and you can also get to enjoy an ice-cream buffet at a affordable price! photo SAM_2947_zpszfhn0sh2.jpg
Cereal bar omg!!! My fav will always be fruity pebbles <3

 photo SAM_2976_zpsdwhp8wdo.jpg
 photo SAM_2978_zpsrqpfurzu.jpg
 photo SAM_2983_zpsobf0ni98.jpg
Milk and syrups for your cereals!!

 photo SAM_2952_zpsabuctmes.jpg
 photo SAM_3011_zps7h9moyhk.jpg
 photo SAM_3005_zpsoemiopuc.jpg
 photo SAM_2962_zpszsouvn4e.jpg

My favourite and the best part about Santa's Igloo? The beanbag movie screening room. I can lie on the beanbags all day err day and never leave Santa's Igloo hahaha. Don't you worry because Santa's Igloo screens all the up-to-date movies(THERE IS 'THE MAZE RUNNER' OMG & many more), you can request for your favourite movie and enjoy it at your best comfort! photo SAM_2950_zpstbhfzkhw.jpg
 photo SAM_2951_zpszmfsf8ns.jpg
The perfect place to chill and watch 'how to train your dragons 2'!

 photo SAM_3020_zps7ltm4uaj.jpg
 photo SAM_3012_zpsi4gsq5dr.jpg

 photo SAM_2957_zpsxtlt0akt.jpg
Really want to thank all the staff at Santa's Igloo for the best service ever. They're so friendly and attends to me immediately when I need something. They even suggest some games that we'll like.

 photo SAM_2984_zpsaswvhm2k.jpg
 photo SAM_2985_zpsnbnqxewh.jpg

 photo SAM_2999_zpsy340y4bv.jpg
There is also a tiki toss ring, if you manage to toss the ring onto the hook, you can get a free scoop of ice-cream!!

 photo SAM_3003_zpsduh6au5y.jpg
This game is super cute & it is one of my favourite, there's also another similar game, the crocodile one. Every time when we snapchat while we're playing, the bunny pops up/the crocodile's mouth closes. You guys should try playing & snapchatting at the same time, to see if it would go off every time haha(this is very random but it was just a funny moment to share with you guys).

 photo SAM_3019_zpsy28fbomb.jpg
 photo SAM_3028_zpsulp40p7z.jpg
 photo SAM_3031_zps68luomhe.jpg
 photo SAM_3041_zpsoqiluq7i.jpg
 photo SAM_3050_zpscenqi7fn.jpg
I've seen Kendall Jenner & many other celebrities posting videos of themselves on the drift scooter on instagram, and it seems pretty interesting. Guess what y'all?! You can rent one at Santa's Igloo and try it on the spot. 

When I first got on the Drift Scooter, I was pretty scared that I might fall. I kept jerking but after awhile, I got the hang of it. Now I wanna get one for myself damn badly HAHA!

 photo SAM_3048_zps86pgg8kl.jpg
My experience at Santa's Igloo was amazing and an unforgettable one. It is definitely the perfect place to be with your friends. It didn't even felt like I was there for an hour, felt like I was only there for 20mins :( When you're really enjoying, time passes really fast... You'll definitely want to stay longer than an hour. Can't wait for my next visit very soon again. Thank you for having me, Santa's Igloo! :)

I want to share this experience at Santa's Igloo with you guys too so, I will be giving away 2 pairs of electronic tickets to two lucky winners(Each pair of ticket entitles a complimentary 1 hour at Santa's Igloo for 2pax). Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Go to your Instagram
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Step 3: Comment why you would want to visit Santa's Igloo on my recent insta post on the giveaway

The giveaway contest will end on 11th July(Saturday), all the best!! <3

*Scape, 2 Orchard Link #03-01
Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday, 12PM - 11PM
Fridat - Saturday, 12PM - 2AM
Sunday, 12PM - 11PM

Instagram: @santas_igloo or #santas_igloo