Saturday, February 21, 2015

Late post | Happy Chinese New Year

Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year y'all. I have so many things to update omg. Have been so busy ever since the last time that I updated that I didn't have the time to edit my pictures. Can't wait to update about my cny hahaha. There's so many things to talk about so... I'll just do a picture update. WARNING: THERE'S A LOT OF PHOTOS!!! (photos are from like 4 weeks ago?!)

Paddlepop peplum top sponsored by @welovefleamarkets.

 Abstract Monochrome Romper from @vivendasg.

Early dinner with bf's mom and aunt.

Black Tattoo Choker & Teal Galaxy Pendant sponsored by @weeatglitter. There will be free local mailing when you spend above $30sgd.

Went to Istana Woodneuk with Jobie, Amsyar and Faiz.

We played with steel wool too.

Hahaha had such a hard time climbing up the hill cause I was wearing my boots... But it's okay, we all got quite a few good shots!

Pizza Sh*t t-shirt sponsored by @meshopslikadiva. Quote "MSLDXVAN" for 5% off your total bill with a minimum spending of $20.


 Glasses sponsored by

Poodle Cafe with Jobie and Gracia.

Back at Gracia's house hahah full of dogs and a cat.
You guys should really go and try her mom's shop porridge, it's damn nice?!?! I don't even know why  hahaha. (Ah Seah Teochew Porridge)

Trampoline park with my two fav people <3
Demi Crotchet Hemming Stripe T-Shirt c/o @bangmeowszx. They have launched again so go on their instagram to check it out!! <3

 We had hell lots of fun omg. Would totally go back again! We were like super tired after that?! And damn sweaty!!!!!

Mummy Teo's birthday <3333 Thank you all for the wishes on Instagram!! :)
I love you mummy <3 You're the best!!! Xoxo

Hannah Floral Off Shoulder Romper c/o @ashincans!!

That's all for today's post y'all!! Hahaha I'm heading to dinner right now. Wishing all of you a Happy New Year again, enjoy the last day of cny holiday tmr!!! Can't wait to update again.