Monday, March 30, 2015

Updates and more updates | Back from a short break

Hello everyone! I am really super sorry for not updating this space for more than a month omg. I just got super lazy and also, I was busy catching up with all my fav tv show... Hahaha! How's life everyone? I still have around 1 more week of holiday till school starts again. I don't want my timetable to change omg because I have no school on Wednesdays haha. Just hoping that all my lessons will end early because normally it ends at 6pm everyday last year(except for Fridays)?!?!

Woke up super early this morning so that I can send my boyfriend off at the airport. He's at Phuket now with his friends hahaha enjoying his life and leaving me behind in Singapore. :( Alright. I should start with my update. BUT OMG all these photos are so long ago. 

And I'm almost done editing my uss vlog, so stay tuned!! I am also in the midst of editing the "how well do we know each other challenge" that I did with Jeslin, we both haven't even start editing any of our videos fml....

Kallang Wave with my fav <3
Skirt from @bangmeowszx <3

Dinner was meh... Cause I had a super bad sore throat...


I miss hanging out with this bitch <3
MMXM mesh outer set sponsored by @bellesimpre

Jeslin and I went to surprise Joey outside her house at 12am, we got there earlier to prepare. But it was super windy outside her house so we couldn't lit up the candle, we surprise her anyway cause we posted our happy birthday post to ask her come out and we also insta dm her sis to help us hahaha. In the end, we moved everything inside and lit up the candles.
Went back home at around 1am+, but we cabbed back home.

Met up the next day at Clementi with my bbys for Joey's birthday lunch.
Bag from @shopjujubears & offshoulder crop top from @bangmeowszx.

black beads drops choker sponsored by <3

 Met up with Damien at town during Valentine's Day.
my all time favourite top from @ashincans.

Met up with my bby Trex!
Sammie skin tight dress from @kittyondeck.

Lifeskills presentation!!!
Make up done by @sfx.bygracia

CNY Eve & Reunion Dinner!
Celebrated my uncle's birthday too!

1 piece tribal jumper set sponsored by @bellesimpre.

Top from @montifs and skirt from @bangmeowszx <3

Hahaha my cousins are always so full of energy omg.

CNY DAY 2 - went to Adventure Cove :)
Top from @shopohmyoreo and skirt from @ellysage.

CNY DAY 3 - Ahma's house
Top from @sxrstyles!

With the cai shen ye, mummy, my sis and xiao gu.

Ahma hahaha

 My aunts!!!

Hahaha with ahgong
Candid ootd shots.

Smile until my face cramp up hahaha.

Hahah I still remember that me and my sis were flower girls for biao jiu mu and biao jiu when we were super young.
 More lion dance later that night hahaha.

Gwen casual mesh panel maxi from @bangmeowszx

Anna caged bralet c/o @brenberryblast.

Basic jersey dress from @shopohmyoreo!

USS with my fav <3 Hahaha we went to make our season pass. I have been wanting to make the pass for a very long time. Hopefully the human and cylon ride will open during June!!
WARNING: THERE'S A LOT OF SELFIES/PICTURES OF US HAHA but don't worry, I put it all in a collage!

I wasn't feeling very well cause I didn't eat since morning, and I felt super light headed and I just keep squatting down to make myself feel better. And we finally went to eat at Oasis Spice Cafe after we got off the Treasure Hunters ride(it was our first time on that ride and it was super boring omg wasted our time waiting).
We also got this drink hehe.

Off shoulder tassel top from @shopshm.

BAE <3.<3

This monkey hahaha can't wait for all 5 of us to go uss again omg.

I love this collage of me and Jeslin OMG!

Left uss and we went to Slappy Cakes to eat dinner. We weren't that hungry so we just ordered a bottle of chocolate + BACON!!!!
We wanted to go back to Jeslin's house to do the whisper challenge & how well do we know each other challenge but we were too tired so we filmed it the next day(hehe can't wait to edit it), anyway I'm almost done with the editing of my uss vlog so stay tuned you all!! <3

That's all for today. Hope you guys enjoyed today's update. I'll update very soon again, I PROMISE!!! :)