Sunday, February 1, 2015

Advert: Trioo Glasses | What A Hectic Day

trioo glasses
"See Your Passion" we want the world to pursue their passions, starts with health.
I have always been looking for the right frame for myself but almost all frames don't really suit me. :/ I was having a pretty hard time choosing my favourite frame from Trioo and I finally chose their Bermuda(brindle) from the Archipelago collection, it is only $67 and that also includes your lens/prescription price too.

I can now wear my glasses out without worrying that I'll look bad. Trust me, Trioo have many good choices to choose from. I am actually gonna get another pair in the future because this one that I'm wearing fits me really well. Alright, enough with all of this. I shall talk more about Trioo.

Trioo is based in the bustling city, Shanghai. Designers and quality control in Paris, France. Their team are comprised of America expatriates in Shanghai. 

They have 3 collections in their brand:
  • $47 - 3U Collection, made from Ultem-resin which is a material that is ultra-light, ultra-durable, ultra-flexible. Sporty frames.
  • $67 - Archipelago Collection, made from acetate, hip, fashionable, timeless looks. Vintage style.
  • $97 - Prestige collection, made from high quality materials such as titanium and carbon fiber, professional elegant style.


Let me list you all the countries that they do free shipping to:
USA, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Japan.

You can also check out Trioo Eyewear on YouTube for videos they made, they have done a few cool videos, you should check them out. Here are the links to the videos:

Head on over to Trioo and get your favourite pair of glasses. They won't disappoint you!!!

Hi guys. I'll just do a short update on what I've been up to ;) Can't wait to update this space again soon.
Black Lattice Strap Bralet from @bangmeowszx <3

Arilea B&W Checkered Skirt from my favourite, @bangmeowszx <3

Out with my fav babygirl after a long time few weeks back. Had dinner and we went to the arcade, hahaha everyone was playing MMT and we were there to play mario kart. LOL

My favourite doll <3

Princess Lace Bustier Dress- Romper *WLFM Premium Label* sponsored by @welovefleamarkets.

Poulet with the boyfriend.

Black Button Pants c/o @bangmeowszx.

Shoutout to the girl working at smoothie kings. Hahaha I didn't even tell her my name. If you're reading this, thank you for making my day <3

Out with my fav bbys <3<3<3
Sushi + my fav girls = best night ever?!?!?!

Out with my fav bbygirl Jeslin <333
Andrea Mesh Panel Bustier(black) from @bangmeowszx <3

We literally ate dessert and sweets the whole day fmlllllll
We also decided to do a last minute bean boozled challenge. I'm still in the midst of editing the video so stay tune to my channel alright ;)

That's all for today y'all. Promise that I'll update really very soon. <3