Friday, September 27, 2013


Feel so good to be back on blogger again! Next week is my study break but I still wanna go back to school to revise & consult my teachers... Hmm I should just let the pictures do the talking now. Gotta go study after this blogpost!

At cass's house with Joey

I love this polaroid of me and her omggggggg!?!?!?

Went to bethany's meet and greet!

We went to stalk Bethany, Sam and the rest but we didn't even meet them, we waited from like 3 to 11 at night :( wasted our freaking time... But I love the pictures we took ;)

Went to bieberfest with Ethel, Shermin, Beatrix and Mia the next day!

Lunch @ The Ship

The night after Justin's F1 concert. We were so freaking tired and we were soooooo dehydrated but it was all worth it. I bought slurpee and peach tea at 7eleven, hahaha yes, I was that thirsty!

 Graduation Ceremony today!!!! (pardon my messy hair lol)

I look hideous in most of the pictures today :( BAD HAIR DAYYYY!!!

Argh I cannot believe this... I have graduated already(just that my papers have not ended yet), I will really miss my classmates! Our class video is the best man, it is so unique!! Love the bond in our class, so united, even though sometimes we annoy the teachers & all the teachers thinks that 4N1 is the noisiest class and that nobody wants to relieve our class when our subject teacher is not around... BUT no matter what, all the teachers still didn't give up on us! Really want to thank both of my form teachers and all our subject teachers for being so patient and kind to us, we really appreciate it. 

Mr Chew also gave us letters and gifts as an encouragement to not give up on our last few papers. MR CHEW, EVEN THOUGH I KNOW THAT YOU WON'T BE READING THIS BUT YOU'RE THE BEST, I always love your guailan-ness and how you play along with us when we talk back to you instead of scolding us :p

baby you suck so badly but I still love you xoxo <3


Basic wine red skater dress:

Galaxy bodycon dress:

Rose chiffon skater skirt:

Floral vintage cropped bralet with rose chiffon skater skirt(this is a set):

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See you guys soon again, toodles! Xoxo