Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Sorry that I haven't been blogging so often!! 

N's is around the corner and I am really stressed out... It is just about doing revision and more revision everyday. What Cassandra said to me really woke me up and make me want to work harder. 'n' level is slapping me real hard in the face!!!!!!!!!! I am really glad that I am getting motivation from my family, friends and my boyfriend. They keep me going. And also to the people who thinks that I cannot make it, SCREW YOU, I'm gonna do better than what you expected from me. I can't pray to God to get good grades, I must depend on myself. I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!! Just exactly 5 more days and I am going to deal with every single shit that I have ever learned in my secondary school life. 

I still have many advertorials to blog about.... Sorry if I have been dragging the advert for some blogshops/instashop, I will try my best to do it asap(means short updates + adverts)

Some picture updates:

 Studying with Cass!!!

I love my class man!!! We've been doing something in class when we had our form teacher's period for our class graduation video HAHAHA

Trex and Songye 

Cass <3 <3 <3

 Teacher's Day Celebration

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