Wednesday, August 28, 2013



Kissofvanity is an online preorder store based in Singapore, founded in 2013 and handled by two beautiful ladies!! They offer a wide range of apparels that are specially exclusive from their supplier side. Their store will update with approximately of 20 new items per month and a few old items will be taken away! So don't miss your chance and quickly order from them!!! :-)

Kissofvanity also aim to provide good customer service in order to let their customer have a great shopping experience with them. Their spree usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks time to arrive in Singapore and their opening spree will usually last approximately 2 weeks time before sending order. Please do not hesitate to email them for any feedback, enquiries or advertorials at and for ordering and meetups/postages, email them at :-)

Before I tell you girls about the promotions/discount code, here are my picks:

I am not really a fan of pullovers but this pullover is so cute!!! This exit runaway pullover is also available in black.


Don't we girls hate Singapore's hot weather? Yeah we do, so this Abbration Flora Baseball Crop Tee is a must to buy!!

KOV Denim Vest (also available in dark blue)

I am always a big fan of denim!!!

Kissofvanity offers their customers so many pretty apparels, every girl will go gaga over their items for sure!

I loveeeeeeeee rompers!!! You can literally wear it to everywhere, that's what I love about this Jasmine Black Romper!

Kal transparent clutch, they're retailing at $25 where outside are all retailing at $30+.

Kissofvanity also sell snapbacks, sooooooo pretty!!!

They are currently having their preorder #1, and the spree will end on 31st August 2013, 10PM SHARP!!!

So be quick, get your orders before the preorder closes!!!

Follow kissofvanity on instagram and twitter to get a dollar off your total bill, not only that, but you can also know about all the updates when you follow them.
Instagram: @kissofvanity
Twitter: @kissofvanitys

Current promotion: Kindly bring 5 of your friends to buy from kissofvanity and get $2 off the total bill. (And you need to state down your friend's names too!)

Discount code: Quote "vanessateo" to get a dollar off your total bill too!!!

Don't hesitate and go to to shop, now!!! Quickly get your orders before the po closes, hurry!!!

Xoxo, Vanessa