Sunday, June 9, 2013


Hi you guys, so this is my first post for the night!!

Just go to to view my stalking youtubers post ;)

I don't know, I just hate this year's June Holiday... IT'S SO BORING BECAUSE I HAVE TO STUDYYYY!!! Just kidding, I have to study. I got like around 2+ months to study for my n's... :( I have to work extremely hard and not procrastinate!!


Plus, there are so many movies that I want to watch but I don't even know if I have the time to watch or not. And I hate it when my mom start with all her naggings, saying that I didn't study and all I do is use my phone. NO MOM, you're wrong. When she's not around, I'm studying and when she is, I am not. ARGH I HATE THIS. I bet we all hate this hahaha but my mom nags a lot because she don't want me to get bad grades then regret later... So I will just have to tahan abit and study like some crazy ass nerd.

Just some picture update before I start with my uss trip.

Finally, I went to USS again, but this time with my boyfriend and finally got on the human and cylon ride which I will talk about more later in this post.

We met his cousin at vivo so that she can pass us our tickets(she works there). Many people asked me "eh why you don't want to get the $88 one?", I will just say two words, MAJOR EXAM. Hahaha 

Ate mac for breakfast and he surprised me with the hello kitty hehe, he said that he bought the other one too but he left it at home


Our first stop, Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

He look so tired cause the night before, he slept damn late lah but this boy still wake up early in the morning just for me, awwww

Queuing for Enchanted Airways...

We went to the lost world, but only took this ride because we were too lazy to wait... :p
I really wanted to take all the rides, but since I have already got on canopy flyer and dino-soarin' and also watched the live water show at water world so it's okay...

I love the last part though!! IT IS DA BESTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

Ancient Egypt <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

The mummy ride was awesome!!!

I have always been interested in Egyptian stuff since sec 1, I still remember picking up a book in the school library and just reading about all the mummies hehehe

Sci-Fi City!!!

I love and hate the transformers ride, it was super good but I WAITED FOR FUCKING 1 HOUR PLUS!?!?!? My legs were already breaking okay, I was whining non stop to my bf and almost died in there but after I got on the ride, the wait was worth it.


We went on the human one first, and Berlin was working there and she's been expecting us to go there for a very long time she even texted D and ask "I still don't see you here" HAHAHA DAMN CUTE LAH!!
Bf was very nervous, cause when he was just a small kid, something happened to him on the roller coaster, that incident was very scary even when I heard it from him but he still sacrificed and got on the ride for me. :') When it was going up, he hold on to my hand very tightly and shouted "just for you only ah" aww damn sweet lah this boy, I was so happy HAHAHA. But the good thing is that he overcame his fears!!! That's the important thing.

We sat down and had yogurt

We walked around and waited for Berlin before we leave uss

AND I SAW ELMO HEHE YAY!! I dragged my bf and ran when I saw elmo whoop whoop!!

I stood at one corner and camwhore a little. Can you spot my bf at the back? HAHAHAHA

Sat down and had a drink.


My face not scared enough leh...

Marilyn: Wow, you hair is so long, are you a model?
Me: No *laughs*
Marilyn: *does that very shocked face*
I look like shit here btw x.x

So, we went to went Now You See Me with Berlin and her friends from work. I GIVE THIS MOVIE A 100000/5. I LOVED IT OMG!!!

Alright, that's it, I am gonna go update on the other post ;) Stay tune!!!

Hahaha I think by the time I updated ya'll will already be reading it,

Alright, see ya'll in abit!! Xo