Thursday, June 20, 2013


Intensive have been cancelled due to the haze........... OHHMYYYYYYGODDDDDDDD!!!!

So anyway, my iPhone couldn't activate cause I restored(too lazy to explain what happened) and I broke down real bad cause to all teenagers, phone is one of the most important things in life, I survived without my phone for 2 days... 2 DAYYYYYYYYYYYYSSS(it's a very longgggg time)!!!!!!!!!!!! And I went to nubox and reset my phone and everything was fine after that, thank God man!!! Now, I already backed up my phone and I am so happy now :')

Anyway, time is really passing way too fast and all I need now is more time, but I can't... Sigh :(

I dread waking up early every single day, but now, cause of the haze, I do not need to wake up early, but I really need to study... WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN TO THE 1997 BATCH?! Forever the guinea pig batch... After my June holidays I still have my oral, sigh, this is all happening too fast. On the first day of the start of intensive lessons, I woke up and checked the time but I got 2 more minutes to sleep so I appreciated that time that I have left with and slept and it felt like hours... As much as I want to spend the rest of my life together with my bed, I still gotta drag myself up and go to school... Gotta work hard and not procrastinate!!!


Kate Geometry Suspender Skirt from dopestreetboutique!!!

You can find this item under "dresses", it is so pretty and you can just match it with a white tube or a white plain t-shirt. Plus, Singapore's weather is getting hotter and hotter, wearing this Kate Geometry Suspender Skirt would be perfect for the hot & sunny weather!!!

The other day I went out with my aunt(s) for lunch at pizzeria mozza hehehe my xiao gu talked about the musical, "Dirty Dancing" at mbs that she went to.

We went to sephora after our lunch...

Met up with a very good friend who left me all alone in Bartley when I was sec 1 :( Nah, hahaha just kidding. She moved to the states with her family and finally, she is back from Orlando, like finally!!! I missed her so so soooooo much!!!


She look tired right? Hahaha she couldn't sleep well cause of the jetlag

That's it for today. Man, the haze is really very bad... What's worse is that my nose is very sensitive, damn!!! Please go away soon haze, nobody likes you!!! Good bye xoxo