Thursday, May 23, 2013


Before I start with this post.....

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Went on a study date my my boy <3

#whatpubertydidtome hmm I didn't change at all HAHAHA

At the library with Rachael. Jeslin, Joey, Adriana, Trexie and two new friends, Celine and Dianne :)



So I got bored of studying...

Breakfast with rach <3

Step one model HAHAHA

What I posted on instagram on Mother's Day, best woman/mom in the whole wide world <3

Cupcake that Adriana got for me and rach <3

With them in the library <3

Had this for brunch with rach <3

And we decided to go to udders after our meal HAHAHAH

My OOTD to bf's chalet, but in the end I changed to my class tee and shorts HAHAHAAH


HAHAHAHA and he got cake smashed by Ruijie and Steven...

So... Prelim 1 is finally over and I am quite satisfied with my results... Thought I will do like even more worse than what I expected but I did good HAHAHA. I'm watching Social Star Awards live on YouTube right now so I am so freaking lazy to do a proper post... :( So sorry you guys...

These few days haven't been a good one... I don't know what has gotten into me but I always feel so fucked up... Part of the reason is because of all the bad things that are happening, and the other is my major exams...  I don't know hahahah... I just don't feel good about myself anymore. I think I might come up with a rant post anytime soon so yup, that's it for now... Gonna go watch Social Star Awards now. Good bye!! Xoxo