Sunday, February 24, 2013


I finally had time to update this space.

Common test started today, math & ss paper... :( Thank God it's English tomorrow so I got nothing much to study, therefore I still got the time to update my blog and study later. :)

Everything is so complicated right now. Have been ranting to my boyfriend about my problems and he have really helped me a lot by just talking to me, telling me what to do and stuffs... So glad that we still have the time to have our heart to heart talks.

Just picture updates....


Woke up in the morning, got ready and we went for just some indoor/outdoor activities. Sadly, we couldn't make it for all the activities because of the rain............. ARGH STUPID RAIN!!!

Look at how red my arm is LOL

This aloe vera lotion saved my life. I was suffering from all the sunburn man... Couldn't sleep well!

flying fox

paintball!! we couldn't play due to the rain too :(

Went for bowling first!!

Then it started to rain but we didn't really care but still went for the rifle shooting!

The rain got so heavy we were all drenched from head to toe... Well, my mum, grandfather and ally auntie was waiting upstairs, so only my sister, me, zhiyuan, jiayi and their dad went down...

The weather ruined our plans man... So we had no choice but to walk back to the resort.

I bathed again, and then rest for awhile, we all waited for the rain to stop.

After the rain stopped, we waited for our ride...

Then it started raining again :(((((((( omg the rain is such a bitch!!! I bathed again and changed, then I slept from 7 to 8+ and we headed to oleh oleh for dinner!

We were all very tired...

Then we played with fireworks :D

The kids from their village came out then my sister gave them some... One of them kept blowing the whistle, thinking that we will think that the cops are there to stop us LOL

This is VERY VERY COOL HAHAH once you light it up with fire then you throw on the floor and it will start to spin. Damn chio!!

Alright, that's all for now! I'll update on day 4 after my common test... (maybe) but I have already saved it as draft. Will update this space again when I have the time. :) Goodbye! xoxo