Sunday, February 17, 2013


So I went to Bintan on the 8th, a Friday. Gave school a skip and missed all the cny class decoration. :( But it's okay! I thought I was leaving on Saturday or something until my mum said that we were leaving on Friday HAHAHAHHAA

DAY 1:
Got up and prepared early in the morning and we left the house to take a cab at around 8+, after we reach Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, we waited for my mum's friend and her family members to come too!

On the ferry... There wasn't many seats left so we had to just sit separately.

And finally we reached!!!

We are staying at the nirwana beach resort... My mum's friend's husband said that they(the parents) pamper us too much that's why we need to have an experience of not staying at the hotel for just this once. But I really didn't mind cause we were staying right in front of the beach!

Went to their city. I thought there will be shopping centers but HELL NO, nothing to shop at all. I can only buy like souvenirs, that's all... But it's okay, I go there to have fun what HAHAH

Ice cream on a hotttttttttttt day!

Our driver drove us to ciu yong sea food to have our lunch!

This boat is to bring the people who are on their motorcycle or car from one side of the lake/sea to the other!

My OOTD, the weather was very hot and sunny!!

Jiayi and my sister!

Me and mummy! She look freaking tired lor...

Went for foot/full body massaging. The adults went to the full body one, me and my sister went to the foot one and Jiayi and Zhiyuan was just lazing around with their phones.

Look at this cutie pie. Hehehehehe <3

Our car was actually this and we had to squeeze cause 8 people can't fit into the car...

So the driver asked another driver so come pick us up and go to our resort. By the way, our luggage(s) was already sent to the resort.

We went to the beach while the adults to take our room keys

GUESS WHAT'S THIS HAHAHHA at first I thought it is mud, from far lah. Cause my eyesight is not so good...

This part of the beach is not really very nice but the other side is nicer!!

That small little stone looks like a bunny hehe

The sand is so damn freaking hard man.


So my mother, me and my grandfather shared a room. My sister, Jiayi and Zhiyuan shared a room, ally auntie (my mum's friend) and her husband shared a room.

What I love about the room is that the sofa is PINK IN COLOUR!!!

Small but.... at least we have a place to sleep... The bed is very comfy tbh! Ally auntie's husband also said that the hotel was fully booked, so it's not only because they think they pamper us too much HAHAHA


This eagle is so freaking huge!!!!!



While ally auntie and her husband went to buy slippers, my mum, grandfather and the kids went back to the resort and changed into our swimming costume!

We ran back to our room then suddenly it came out of nowhere, we all got a shock and stopped and laughed like mad.

We were hungry so they ordered something just for us to eat first.

We bathed and headed out for bbq at the beach. They don't allow bbq-ing on beaches but we tried our luck... BUT we got chased away so yeah :(

We had no choice but to go back to the resort and eat lor... Cause we were not that hungry so we didn't want to waste our time to eat outside so yeah.. Luckily we brought cup noodles!

After we ate, I went back to my room and slept... Such a tiring day!!!

DAY 2:

Went swimming in the morning again till about noon!

It was freaking sunny and I can't even open my eyes to take a nice picture HAHAHA

Accompanied mummy to go and buy a new swimming costume cause I really need it. Then we went for breakfast! Everybody is already eating and my mum and I quickly went to take whatever food that we want to eat.

I rested for awhile and asked the others what water activities they wanna do later on.

Elephant!!! HAHAHA

I sat on the elephant's leg LOL the hair is so thick and the skin is so rough. 

Kayaking!! :D

IT'S SO SUNNY!!!!! I can barely open my eyes man...

Jet ski :D
It was my first time on it and wow, it was so freaking fun lor. The red ball is so far away... (not the one in the picture but it's the other red ball). We need to stay in the triangle so yeah... Ally auntie's husband guided me, Jiayi and Zhiyuan to prevent us from any accident. Uncle said that I drove very fast, even he is scared... HAHAHA cause his kids drive quite slow. After I got down, my hands were numb af!!!

Went back to the resort, bathed and just lay on the bed.... We didn't had our lunch and dinner cause we were all suffering from all the sunburn and we were not hungry AT ALL. HAHAHAHA so weird right... So this post sums up my bintan trip day 1 & 2, I took a lot of photos but my mum went to delete it before we sleep. :( Talking about sunburn, thank God it's healing now and my skin is peeling off rn, it's so disgusting... :(

Before all of you go... Just some short updates! :)

Made a scrapbook for him for valentine's!!

My valentine <3

Went to biao yi po's house to bainian yesterday and I am so happy right now cause I get to see all my relatives and got angpaos HEHE

Bunny hehehehe

This place is my favourite place hehehe. Cause baby and I sat here and had our h2h talk, it's like our first time having h2h talk...


Alrighty, I will update about my day 3 & 4 again the next time! Xoxo.