Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm gonna update on two birthday celebrations I did on the 2/2/2013!

I will update about my bintan trip day 1 by this weekend. :)

Meet up with Rach and Ariel at vivo first and had breakfast! While we waited for Adriana to come!


Then we walked to sentosa!


After that I headed to lavendar to meet jeslin and the rest. :)

Celebrated Joey's birthday in advance, it's a surprise birthday celebration! We all met at lavendar and then went to bugis's cold storage to buy snacks and everything!

Shall let the pictures do the talking!!

My old primary school... I MISS THIS PLACE! SO MUCH MEMORIES!!!

This super cute kid was rolling around the grass. AWWW SO CUTE!!!

After we ate the cake and some chips, we decided to play catching HAHAHA

Shaozheng's pants tear...



look at shaozheng -_-

Trexie went to scare val HAHAH

That's all for this post! Bye bye now xoxo