Sunday, August 5, 2012

You never loved me

Hi you all. Finally coming up with a proper post. Hehe went to mbs to stay for a night yesterday with my relative and yeah, I guess I had fun. I'M THE OLDEST THERE OKAY.... (excluding the adults of course)
Cabbed down to mbs at around 5.15 then met my relative so we went up for awhile to take pictures and change into our swimming costumes.... Shall let the pictures do the talking!

Outfit of the day!

Before heading to the skypark to swim....

Cousssssszzie <3

Saw this two super cute angmoh kids omg dying!

So many people watching when the ndp preview started.

 Hot angmoh in red bikini!


Back in the hotel room!

Before I turn in. :)

The next morning!!!!

And last picture!

Okay bye you all. I guess this is it! Y'all must be tired scrolling hahahaha okie dokie, good bye and enjoy school tomorrow (NOT). xoxo <3