Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hi all of you!

Here for a NATIONAL DAY update hehe. But firstly, Happy belated birthday to Singapore. And it was the first time I didn't watch the ndp.......... Busy shopping I guess!

On 8/8/2012, my school celebrated national day (obviously haha) and it was fabulous, although after that all the classes need to do a collage for national day...... kinda boring, shall just let the pictures do the talking. :) Didn't take pictures of the parade because I was busy taking video hehe, I can't transfer the video onto my laptop but I'll try my best again and update y'all again. 

Bartley Military Band, they won GOLD this year. ^_^

Joshua leading the parade first!

These photos of the parade are not mine, they're all from hazizi, my school's fb site, rachel and tiara. :) 
And note that all these pictures are not in order, sorry...

FSD (note that photos ARE NOT IN ORDER so...... yeah)

Boyfriend holding on to the red flag thingy woohoo ^_^

My boy xoxo <3

Yita -_-

Rachael <3

Ruzana ^_^

Wahidah ^_^


 My dearest laogong, Liyi <3

Sazlynna <3

Love <3

Jeslin <3

Mummy, Jieying <3

With this lovely bitch, JOEY <3 and... ShaoZheng photo bomb-ing our photo -_-

ShaoZheng seriously last warning

Trexie xoxo

This qtpie who help me tie my hair hehe, Cassandra xoxo

Valorie ^_^


Dania ^_^

 Jeslin <3

Trexie xoxo :*

Effie ^_^

Joey's leg *ahem ahem*

This sweetheart, but I forgot her name. Omg so sorry! :(

 Adriana omg she is gonna die sooner or later. PS:// she likes to irritate the girls by doing this!

Hazizi helping me and faezah take a photo

Faezah ^_^

Alysa ^_^

Jesinta ^_^

Favourite polaroids of the day; Trexie & Cassandra

 Headed down to NEX with Joey, Jeslin, Trexie, Valerie and Cassandra and slacked over there hahaha

Earl Grey <3

While waiting for my gongcha...... THAT JOEY TOOK A UNGLAM SHOT OF ME, so we fight to get her phone and really just lie on the floor and see who gets her phone.... super paisey........ we need to maintain!

This is valerie. ^_^ xo


idk what happened to val...

Ultimate duck mouth; Jeslin & Valerie

 This is what this 2 girls did, because I jailbreak-ed my phone, then when someone pressed the wrong password, my phone will auto take a photo of that person who is using my phone so they just camwhored like that........ CRAZY PEOPLE IS CRAZY!

Joey started to talk in an indian language (idk is she anyhow say or real one) then Jeslin started to go crazy with her. I took a video but not gonna post it up here hehe. :P They even created their on language such as "Bye" "I love you" so on and forth... Omg whenever I am with them, I can go crazy.......

Cass, Jes and Val left and it's only left with me, trexie and joey so we slacked. Went to buy this fab egg tart (IT'S BETTER THAN THE NORMAL ONE) and joey bought cup corn too hahaha, sat down at one corner near the exit and talk, rest and yeah..... 

Joey suggested to do something, I don't wanna say it here, if you follow me on Twitter, you should know what's happening or what I'm talking about... And then after all the stupid things we did, we walked around and went to Character+Design..... and bad things happened to Joey, bad day for her I guess but well, she is okay with it.... Then we went into sportslink and played, craziest day, okay wait not, it's not the craziest but the other time we played soccer in the rain, it's more crazy than this hahaha. 

Really very grateful to know such great friends, especially Joey because she has been listening to me ranting to her, and she gives me advice OR screams at me because she's mad at me for making stupid decisions, which MAKES HER A VERY VERY GOOD FRIEND! Man, how can I live without her? Heheheh. Didn't go out with my boyfriend because he went out with his friends to the cage to play soccer and I didn't want to spoil the fun so yeah. Joey wanted to go but it was too late so she was lazy to go haha qtpiex1000000!

"Outfit" for the day ;)

On 9/8/2012

Went out with my family...
Swimming > CSM > Homed

Jiaying is a air-stewardess, omg jealous much, she gets to travel the whole world... but she stays at the country for a few days only...

Watching the London 2012, synchronized swimming

Okay, bye y'all. :)