Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hello everyone! Finally back, and updating with a proper post! So it was Common Test Week last week and I was very busy because I was studying like hell. Bet all of you can imagine and feel the stress. Well, just good luck to those who are taking their N/O levels! Time passes so fast huh? 3/4 of 2012 already gone..... IT'S LIKE SO DAMN FREAKING FAST LAH. I didn't expect this year to end so fast, it's like a blink of an eye, 3/4 of 2012 GONE...

Anyways, selamat hari raya to all my muslim friends/blog readers out there. I know I WISHED ALL OF YOU ONLY NOW.... which is very very very very late.... But at least I did okay hehe.

Alrighty, shall move on to what I'm going to update you guys...

Yes, Common Test ended and I am so freaking happy yet quite disappointed in some of my papers... As usual I flunked my mathematics lah, everyone would expect that from me. I don't want to put all the blame on my teacher but yeah, sometimes it's just me being lazy that's why.... I MEAN LIKE, C'MON, WHO DOESN'T HATE MATHEMATICS!?!?!?!?!?!?! Failed my mother tongue too errrr.... MAYBE because I was too busy talking to Joey in class and yeah... SHE PASS HER FREAKING CHINESE OKAY, AND I'M SO FREAKING SAD THAT I DIDN'T, so I said to her this "I teach you one what, that's why you pass then I fail" hahaha I was joking about that, she knows I'm joking too! Chinese teacher paired all of us up so that the students who are better in chinese can teach the ones who are not that good in chinese but I don't think that went well........ Joey kept saying that the teacher can't teach (p.s, I agree too) and she was like freaking proud that she passed and my chinese teacher still ask her to drop to clb (yeah I think it is clb...) I mean like, wtf, she passed her paper this time and now you're just asking her to drop normal chinese and go to clb? Of course Joey wouldn't be that stupid to drop normal chinese lah. My teacher is freaking disappointed in me because I usually pass my chinese on the dot, BUT at least my overall passed. ;)

Should cut all the crap and start with my proper update! A very LONG proper update!


(some pictures are not taken by me)

I look like I'm going to die due to boredom LOL


Focus on syafiq........ His pose.....

I love this class a lot man. Seriously, it's the best class..... The class who always gets complain by teachers because we're too noisy... The class who always joke around and be united together. Sadly Ms Loh is not in it and the rest of the absentees... If not we'll have the perfect class photo. Aw! Anyway, I can't wait for our class outing during november!!!!!!!! ;)


Met Asyiha and Verena, both of them were very friendly and MY SELF ESTEEM DROPPED A LOT WHEN I SEE THE BOTH OF THEM... It was my first time modelling for a blogshop, I was nervous.... VERY! And I didn't know what to do or how to pose so basically I just keep on repeat the poses I did. Left after I'm done and was very disappointed in myself. Cause all the photos will probably turn out ugly so.... just ignore my face and look at the clothings, it is all very nice & comfy and the price is ranged from $15-$19.  is still in the midst of setting up and do support as their The "Muse On" collection is out now! Do support. :)

Fishtail braid Valerie and Cassandra help me tie hehe, so nice, beautiful and perfect. I LOVE MY HAIR!


After watching the 2012 olympics, Synchronized Swimming, then we camwhored. It was like so awesome lah, all the moves and how those woman can stay under water for such a long period of time!

And yes, Jiaying is a air-stewardess! Like so freaking awesome lah, look at the places she went to below... OMG IT IS SO GORGEOUS!!

My new babies. Ahhhhh love them <3


Took this while I'm studying Social Studies, I was really freaking out and all stressed out!


During Hari Raya Puasa holiday, in the morning went to kallang kfc to have breakfast because mac is filled with tons of people, really.... THIS UNCLE CHOO LATE FOR VERY LONG SIA, me and my sister have been waiting for him since forever...

Him wearing shorts is just not right. HAHAHAHA

Then in the afternoon we all went to play badminton at the cc, was quite fun but very tiring, played for a little while because I go there watch only hahaha

Later at night, went out with my mom and sister and also, watched The Bourne Legacy. Rate it 3.5/5!

I can bring all of these home hehe

With my boy


Mos Burger for dinner on friday with Erin, Adriana and Jia Hui. :)

And this is the unlucky me, got sick after my common test... Le boyfriend and my love, liyi was sick too. :(


Alrighty, follow me on twitter/instagram for more updates because I am really busy... HEHE so I don't have much time to really blog, probably just short post to update all of you. Will be doing a post next week I guess? Special dedication for my boy again hehe.

Ending this post with the picture I took this afternoon! Goodbye, till then x!