Sunday, October 23, 2011

The pretty reckless

Hey guys! 
Exams are finally over and I'm free to update this space after such a long time!
Sorry for the wait though! Hope my readers are still with me. :-P

Let me start off with my results!!!
It's not bad, but at least I didn't fail all like how I did last time....

English Paper:
Paper 1 - 
Section 1; 16/30
Section 2; 14/30
Total: 30/60                  (Just pass, super lucky. Almost all of my friends got 30!)
Paper 2 -
Language Use: 20/35
Comprehension: 9/20
Summary: 11/15
Total: 40/70

Literature Paper: (Not recorded in report book)

Math Paper:
Paper 1 - 12/50
Paper 2 - 11/50
Total: 23/100

History Paper:
Section A - 7/33
Section B - 32/67
Total: 39/100        (Totally screwed Section A, don't know what the hell I was doing!)

Science Paper:

Chinese Paper:
Composition - 45/60
Paper - 29/60
Listening Compre - 10/20

I'm still not sure whether I get promoted to which class or not. But I really think that I will get promoted. Self-Confidence! 

Should update a post by yesterday but mom called back home and said there's a Family Dinner with only SOME of my family members. So rushed to have a quick bath and waited for my uncle to come and fetch my sister and I. I will let the pictures do the talk, too lazy to type already. x.x

         My sister and I. Although she's irritating and piss me off easily, but I really love her a lot!

                        My ribena! More like "Ice Ribena" right?!

    Some dish that I don't know, but it taste salty and I loike!

    My favourite!!!!!!!!!! CHILLI CRAB. MUA :3

    Fried rice

    The "Ho Fan", it's kinda weird looking but it's nice. :)

     Small buns which are super cute and nice ♥.

     The tree was fucken pretty so was being random and took a picture of the scenery!

     My mummy and I!!!!!!!
     She was being a bitch, seriously. :-( Ask her to snap a picture with me and she keep on eating the chilli        
     crab!!! I even laugh at her because of her actions and what she said, "Take picture with the Chilli Crab 
     also la! See, the crab so lonely" Feel like punching her face but she was way too cute! hahahahaha.

                       Me and LinNa A.K.A JiaYing. She's very pretty I swear.

                       She was saying "Long hands can take pictures with a lot people" and me & my
                        sister was like "That means our hands very short la?!" faces! LULZ

                        Going to be taller than my mom already! HAHAHAHA

     Mummy and I, again!!!! 

Just this few pictures, didn't really snap pictures with my other Family members because we didn't really talk or anything since Chinese New Year, feeling awkward!
And have I mention?! LinNa going to be a Air Stewardess. She's going for her 4 months training soon. She said she will buy a whole lot of things for us when she have the opportunity to fly to some countries which has pretty stuffs! She's fucken nice and I LOVE HER.
My mother was like "You also go be Air Stewardess la!" Then I shouted "NOT TALL ENOUGH LA MUMMY :-(" Somemore I want spend time with my loved ones too! HAHAHAHA

Nothing much to say but life's still a bitch and I'm having headache now! :-(
People have been asking how was life with Damien......................... Hmmmm pretty good, barely even quarrel. We're planning to go USS during the holidays, YES JUST THE TWO OF US ;-)
Got a whole lot of outings on my list and I've got my head messed up! Didn't really snap any pictures with baby when we head out. Because we went to LAN and I was like fucking boring over there okay. :-( But it's okay, baby still pamper me like a princess over there. :-)

In case you all forget about how I look like...... Here's some photos that I snapped at home when I've got nothing to do. HA

                      Sorry for the same pose, don't know what else to post so all faces same x.x

       As in on my Formspring picture!!! Lulz

      Twitter profile picture and my blog's center picture!

      Trying to act cute, but definitely fail badly.

      No make up on and my eyes are so small like this > -__-

    I was laughing at this photo, my sister say I look like a total freak.

     I love my baby, DAMIEN LIM!!! <3

     Very seksi hor?!?!?!?!??!? My face on the Hundred bucks lehhhhh ;-)

Alright, that's all I've got.
Sarah just now texted me and ask if I wanna go out with her and Stacey tomorrow or not. But I'm not sure that I can go already. Because I'm going out with my dearest boy! Perhaps another day! :-)
Don't know where to head out with baby tomorrow, hope he still remember his promise to me, he said from tomorrow onwards he won't go LAN and will go out with me. HOPE HE IS KEEPING HIS PROMISE!
I guess that's all I wanna say. Stay tune for the next update alright. I promise that there is tons of pictures, haven't been photogenic with baby lehhhhhhhh :-( 

Bye now!!!!!!!! xx