Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Advert: Trioo Eyewear | Birthday Surprise at M Hotel Singapore

Trioo Eyewear
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The hunt for perfect frames is over because I have Trioo.

I love this frame, don't you think that it suits me the most?
Here's my choice, Ibiza in peach tortoise.

I find it hard to search for the perfect frame for myself at the optical shop. As I mentioned many times, Trioo always have the perfect frame for me & they never fail to impress me. They have many new frames up on their site and they'll also be releasing a brand new sunglasses collection which I am looking forward to?! 

A frame with the lens included can be yours at a very cheap price, as low as $47. Where can you find such cheap & trendy glasses?! Plus they have free shipping.

So what are you waiting for?!

Remember to quote "VANESSAFORTRIOO" for 15% off.

Shop away now,


Hello everyone! I'll just let the pictures do the talking.
Top & bottom -

Top - Nastygal
Bottom - Flea
Outerwear - From a friend
Shoes - @the.tapestry

Gracia got me this because I wasn't feeling too good. :') Thank you so much, love you <3
And I hope you're feeling better too now... Try not to think about it too much okay? RIP Yuki... :(

Dress - @welovefleamarkets

Bottom - @radknights
Choker Necklace -

Choker from @themoonlabel

Meiping's birthday surprise!!! (3rd May) I think there is something wrong with blogger? My pictures are abit pixelated?! I'm so annoyed because it was taken with dslr...

This are all taken with Priscilla's dslr!
Behind the scene of my ootd hahaha

After drinking and taking care of the people who are drunk, we went to 7eleven to eat cup noodles. I was a little tipsy. Went back to the hotel and played the lying card game HAHAH I had a good laugh. 

My leg was feeling very sore and numb? I don't know why but we soaked our legs in hot water, the best feeling ever!!! We started drinking pretty early like at about 9pm because we have to wake up early the next day for check out. All of us went to sleep at about 4am I think?
Everybody woke up the next morning, had breakfast, bathed and cleaned up the place. 

Syarafina and I doing the briefing for our assignment 4. We were the directors... :'((( Thank God everything is over!

Top - @kittyondeck
Shorts - Carousell
Bear Hoodie -

That is all for today's update. A few of you guys asked me on my askfm & snapchat about my outfit diaries video, it will be uploaded very soon. I will keep you guys updated!! <3