Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Advert: The Nail Artistry | Reunited with My Favs, Mambo Beach Club,USS!

The Nail Artistry is a home-based salon located in Kovan.
Their operating hours are from Monday - Sunday, 10am to 9pm.

I went for a very simple design for my first appointment and just let Steffi work her magic on my nails. 

What's the best about The Nail Artistry? Steffi takes her time to find the designs that you ask for and let you choose it on the spot. Told Steffi that I wanted something pink/pastel. I trust her taste and just went with the design that she chose for me.

I must say, this is my favourite set of pink nails so far. Isn't it cute?! And I cannot stop looking at my nails!!! Really love doing my nails at The Nail Artistry. Steffi puts in 101% of effort into doing my nails. She is also super friendly!

Steffi's dog is super cute too!! Hehehe

Here's the price range:

The Nail Artistry is currently having a promotion till 10 June. You can get your Classic Gelish Manicure at only $25! Wait no more and contact Steffi to book your appointment now.

If you missed the promotion that they are having, don't worry. You can also 
quote my name "Vanessa Teo" for 10% off.

For more details, visit/check out their social platforms:
Instagram: @thenailartistry


Hello everyone! Omg sorry that I have MIA-ed for awhile... Have been so busy with everything and I finally have the time to sit my ass down and blog. I have so many drafts waiting for me to update them. Can't wait for finish them so that I can share it with you guys! Did you miss me? Hahaha. Don't even think that anyone reads my blog anymore cause it is so dead now... 

I can finally update this space more often now because... IT'S THE JUNE HOLIDAYS NOW!!! I'm so happy but kinda sad because I'm not going anywhere out of Singapore this month? No plans at all... Ahhhh it's so boring here in Singapore, there's literally nothing to do in this little red dot anymore.

Anyway, can't wait to go to Sentosa on Monday with my class. Don't even think that most of them is gonna show up because everyone is so busy?! But... Those who will be going will definitely have fun. I'm still working on my upcoming videos!! Can't wait to upload them for all of you to see. Some of you have been asking me on askfm about it and I'M STILL WORKING ON IT, so sorry for the longggggg wait! Alright, I'll go on with my picture updates....
Top - H&M
Shorts - Carousell
Bag - Bugis Street
Choker - @tessellate.co
Shoes - @dopezkickz

It's been so long since I met all 4 of them omg?!?! :( Can't wait to meet them tomorrow, hopefully all 5 of us will turn up hahaha.

Had a really great time with all of them. Everyone is so busy with school right now and we rarely have the time to meet. Like all 5 of us together... We had dinner at Strictly Pancakes and just talked about life and what we're doing. It was sooooOOOOooo good to tell them everything and hearing them talk about their poly life hahaha.
Jes and Cass had to leave so the rest of us went to Scape and just talked while we sat down on the floor hahaha. Trex left and Joey decided to ask Rachael to come join us for movie, we watched Cinderella then we decided to head to Tim Ho Wan for supper.

We gossiped and shit & went back home. It was already like what? 5am in the morning?!
Went to my boyfriend's house to stayover after that hahaha.

Dress Romper - @welovefleamarkets
Cardigan - Don't remember where I got it
Necklace - @tessallate.co
Shoes - Scape

Swimming with my mummy and sistaaaa <3

Top - @shopmickiesora
Bottom - @bangmeowszx
Choker - @tessallate.co
Shoes - Bugis Street

Met up with Trexie, we wanted to go take pictures/ootds first but we ended up heading to the wrong place so we went to ion to eat 4fingers. We tried finding the National Museum but we ended up taking a cab from cathay. In the end, we found out that the museum was just a freaking short distance away?!

Bikini top - H&M
Bottom - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Scape

Went to Mambo Beach Club with Jeslin. Hahaha we just went there to soak out body in the pool and take PICTURES, duh. That's what girls do. When we got there, it was pouring... We waited for about 1hr for the rain to stop. But, we entertained ourselves with snapchat(if you haven't added me, go add me, vnesateox) and other stuff.
So the rain finally stopped and we went to change & ordered fooooood!! Looks good right? But it costed us a bomb lol. The strawberry smoothie was damn good. 

I'll just spam you guys with our photos hahaha.
We were laughing in the picture because we both did the twist sign at the same time when we were spamming selfies.

We went to clean ourselves up after that then walked to Nicholas's birthday party.

LOOK. THIS BITCH OOVOO-ED ME WHEN SHE'S IN JAPAN!!! (this was 9weeks ago lol)

Left there at about 10+, me and Jeslin wanted to go airport to fetch the guys who are flying back from phuket but they already reached so we went home instead.

Menstruheat pack from @pslove_co <3

Top - @mogustash
Skirt - @ashincans
Shoes - @dopezkickz

Jobie and I decided to go uss on the 4th April(as you can see, i need to update more often omg).
When I was taking ootd, some tourist asked me if he could take a photo with me HAHAHAH so awkward, I rejected politely of course... I was giving that 'wtf' look to jobie and we both started to laugh.

HHAHAHAHA Jobie's face.

We went on the enchanted airways ride for so many times?! It was going to close so we kept running and running, I think we got on it about 5-6 times? I don't even remember. 

Not much to do at uss at that time because human and cylon is not open?!?! But it is finally open now omg. Can't wait to go there on Thursday! Had ajisen for dinner, we walked around for abit then went home.

Monochrome 2 piece set - @girlxboss
Bag - @shopkysse
Shoes - Scape

Celebrated my grandfather's birthday hahah. Look at the kids omg they are too cute!!

That's all for today's update. I will update very soon again because there's too many draft already hahah. Really hoping that I have an impromptu trip to somewhere out of Singapore. :(
Alright, till my next update!!