Saturday, April 20, 2013


(omg I need a new header for my blog)

Feels good to be on blogger again! I will never neglect this space. I really love all my readers and also, my royal readers who have been reading my blog since October 10, 2010. I love all of you and if you guys didn't supported me(by reading my blog), I wouldn't be so motivated to blog. I will probably laze around and lie on my bed all day long HAHAHA.

I have been sitting on my chair, thinking about how to start this post, thinking about how life have been for me, thinking about the people who loves me, thinking about the people I love... I feel lucky to have my family, boyfriend and best friends by my side. I don't know what to do without them... Argh I just love them so so soooooo much!!! Xoxo

Alright, shall move on...

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Here's a photo of the Knitted Cross Top in black and beige!

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School is a bore....... Have been having major headache and I really hate it & the horrible weather, I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT OMG :'( 

Prelim is in 10 freaking days and I have been studying so hard. Me and my bf & friends are setting a target and are trying our best to do our best!! I believe that we can do it!!!
Class t-shirt!

After CIP with them!!

At the Chic Fashionista Flea with my babies, Joey and Jeslin.

Went there to support Asyiha too! When I was walking towards her, she immediately said hi to me and smiled. She is so nice. The last time I saw her was like so long ago and I was touched that she still remembered me. When she was ready for her runway walk, she said hi and smiled at me again. She killed her runway walk man! Her body omg, every girl's dream!!! Oops, hahaha I am spazzing right now!!

There were many people who win the VIP and express ticket omg. And the vip & express queue was so long!!! Thank God we were able to make it in there to buy very nice stuff! Our legs were aching like shit and it was kinda hot, but at least it was windy and thank God Joey brought her penny so I could sit on it with her.

My buys....

So I spent my Sunday morning to afternoon on skype with my dearest Joycelyn!! Gahhhh felt so good to talk to her through skype video call. We laughed a lot and it just felt so good to talk to her again, I miss her so much. #june8fastercome

Went to hougang mall with bf and had subway for late lunch! Craving satisfied hehe

There's this new western stall at my school, the food they sell is delicious!!!

HEAVY RAIN DENG DENG DENG!!! A tree blocked the road around Aljunied area and thank God Shao Zheng's father drove me and Jeslin to school. If not we will be all wet!!

Did CIP again with my schoolmates! It is so fun omg!!

Late lunch

I really hope that there is prom this year for the graduating classes. Have been looking at all the prom dresses and this caught my eye but if I wear this, people will think that I am out of my mind... Probably gonna choose a blue dress hehe.

So pretty hehe, we are gonna have math lessons here for the rest of the math lessons YAY!!

Oh, and that black dot is a microphone and there are cctv cameras at each tables to let idk who to see what we are doing...... HMMM *krik krik*

We had our POP rehearsal and everybody was dying. Our whole body were aching like shit.... :( And after the POP rehearsal, I went to eat dinner with my best friend xoxo

Just now with my boyfriend x

I am sweating like mad right now... I don't know how many times I have bathed since I reached home... Omg it is so humid!! Singapore feels like an oven now. For a moment, it is raining heavily and the next, IT'S AS IF LIKE YOU ARE IN A FREAKING OVEN. HOLY !@#$%*&^%$#@!!#$ I AM GOING CRAZY SOON.

Will update again soon, after my prelims and I am gonna go cool myself down now, toodles!!
PS, really wanted to rant but I guess I will do it tomorrow or another day... Really need to let it all out! Xoxo, Vanessa