Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hi I'm back!!! More picture updates! 

I can't wait to go to bintan during cny, because I can at least get away from all the stress and everything... I really hope that I will do well for my n's! I have been paying attention in class even more!

I went to TP open house on Monday and got to know more about all the courses! 

We actually wanted to go to Ngee Ann while we were on our way to TP but we were afraid that there will be too much people so we end up going to TP since we were already on our way there...

Saw Faezah there and she was really very nice to walk us around TP to know more about each and every courses. (oops i look weird)



My face so red hahah, the weather is really very hot and my face gets red easily so yeah...

Went to macs to get fries and apple pie!


We left TP at around 6 and went there at around 2+... WOAH HAHAHA
There are a whole lot of  amazing and cool courses for you to choose from! I am interested in any courses in School of Design/Engineering/Business! Hehehe

Went to singpost cause they wanna eat, and since I have eaten fries and apple pie already I didn't eat, we ate at kopitiam and I only bought a milo drink, IT WAS REFRESHING AND WE WERE REALLY VERY TIRED UNTIL WE BARELY EVEN TALK MUCH... 

With them at school <3

Went out with love after school. We went to Kallang Leisure and catch a movie "Parental Guidance", I rate it 2.5/5, it was boring. Wanted to watch CZ12 but it's too late and I have tuition... :( Talked to this silly bum for so long before the movie. I love those heart to heart talks with him man... We can laugh or get all emotional and everything... HE'S SO ADORABLE AND SWEET <3

Mum's current hair colour. IT'S SO NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, a mixture of purple and red but it's not that clear in this picture though...

Starbucks with Rachael and Ariel after school. We talked about a whole lot of things and yeah laughed so damn hard hahaha. Then Adriana joined us and she made me laugh harder cause what we talked about was more funny! HAHAHA

Dinner with boyfriend after ncc yesterday! OMG I HATE FRIDAYS NOW. If I don't have P.E. on friday, I wouldn't hate it but I have... Mr Ebrahim is my new P.E. teacher and he was kind of fucked up during the first two P.E. lessons but surprisingly I enjoyed his P.E. lesson yesterday!! We did lots of things and I am for sure gonna use the workout that he taught us cause it is very effective!

After my cca, my whole body was aching like shit especially my thighs and my arms, my muscle was aching like shit and I couldn't even walk properly, I can't even walk very fast now cause if I did, it hurts like hell. I wish I did the warm ups properly during ncc... Shouldn't let anything affect my mood from now on!! EVERYTHING IS ABOUT STUDIES STUDIES AND STUDIES!!!

Boyfriend said it was nice but it wasn't very nice lah... The smell was kinda weird but the taste was okay! EH BABY, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU ARE LYING TO ME CAUSE YOU SAID IT WAS NICE. :( HEHE JUST KIDDING. <3

That's all for today!! I will try to update my blog more often so I won't lose all my amazing and awesome readers! Goodbye, xoxo.