Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hiiii! Just doing a short update. Too lazy to post the pictures one by one so I collage it together... But some are not so yep!


Studied with ma boy <3

We did finish our work so we decided to camwhore. OH AND YEAH I HELPED HIM IN CHINESE HEHEHE I AM SO PRO!

We even made a bet if whose results are better, if his one is better, I'm gonna give him $$$$$ for each subject, BUT it depends on our grades, how big the gap is, if he scored two grades higher than me in math, I'll have to pay him $20 for ONLY MATH. And also count the other subjects lah, but if I score higher than him in a subject, he have to give me $$$$ too hahahaha but we were just joking about it and THAT'S CRAZY LOL!

Studied with Rachael, Ariel, Adriana and Sabrina the other day too! Well, we didn't study at all though... Cause we don't know what to study... Hmmmm rach scolded me :( :( :(

All of them left and it is left with me and Adriana. She went to buy this thing below. And we decided to go to rach's house. But she left already so we had to wait for another bus... AND HAHAHA SOMETHING REALLY VERY FUNNY HAPPENED BEFORE WE TOOK THE BUS TO RACH'S HOUSE....... NOT GONNA TELL CAUSE IT IS EMBARRASSING!
It's not bad actually... But a little bit too sweet ahhhh

 Retarded me


Anyway, this morning I went to school for target setting with parents at school. My mum didn't come with me cause she needs to work... I met up with Liyi and Sijie for McDonald's breakfast and then we headed to school! IT IS BORINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I almost died listening to Mrs Bay talk... Cause I was very sleepy...

After that, I went to meet my boyfriend!

Had breakfast/brunch with him, and he was like "We are like husband and wife, eating breakfast together, not all couples eat breakfast together you know, we are so special" hehe so sweet but most of the couples eat breakfast together lahhhhhhh BUT STILL, AW <3

Alright! That's all for today! Just a very short updated! Gonna go rest now! Toodles, till next time xo.

Can't wait to blog about my bintan trip anyway!! Gonna take so many pretty photos with mummy and mummy's friend teehee. OH, and my sister, grandfather(mum's side) and my mum's friend's husband and two child is going too! Haven't seen Jiayi for a very long time and I miss her alright, good bye! X