Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hi you all!

I'm gonna do a tutorial on this twitter, facebook etc. banner thing.

As a lot of you have been asking me on Formspring and I am really sick and tired of answering it because it is rather complicated for me to explain it over and over again...

Someone on fs suggested me to do this tutorial so why not? Alright... Moving on!

Actually the photos, you can edit anywhere. But I edited it on photoscape!
It is easy but complicated to explain (for me). If anyone has any problems just dm me through twitter of pm me through facebook. :)

I'm sure all of you knows how to right! So if you wanna skip this part, just move on

Open Photoscape 
Go to the editor tab
Choose the picture you want to edit,
then press the object tab and press the "T" icon and insert the text that you want to

IF you want the image to be in circle,
go to the crop tab, and tick the "Crop Round Image" message!

Fyi, please upload your picture onto photobucket, then you'll need to get the direct link to create the picture linked to your twitter or facebook

After you have done uploading it on photobucket
Go to blogger layout and add a new gadget, and choose "HTML/JavaScript"
Here's a screenshot of my HTML link


<a href="!/vnesateox"><img src="" width="195" /></a>

<a href=" (YOUR LINK HERE) "><img src=" (YOUR IMAGE LINK HERE) " width=" (THE WIDTH THAT YOU WANT THE PICTURE TO BE) " /></a>

And yes, there you go. This is how I did this twitter, facebook etc. banner! :)

Some of my camwhores if you missed my face. JK ;)

It was my dearest Liyi's birthday on 9/11, and I accompanied her. Sijie and Wenny was over at her house because they stayed over. So we headed to kallang leisure with her dad, mom, sister, brother and also with Wenny & Sijie! Sadly, I can't celebrate her birthday with her because I got tuition and yep!

Her house > Kallang Leisure > Her house > Homed

The sweet that I bought at kallang leisure at this korean store (forgotten it's name), omg it's so nice but sour, I gave Joey some and she said she liked it a lot so I'm gonna buy for her. It's 60cents anyways, damn cheap that's why it's my favourite now. ;) Liyi's sister keep on disturb me hahah so we went down to cold storage and she freaking pull me around and walk with her hahahahaha a lot of funny things happen...

Yuren made brownies and also fried rice + a sandwich, me and liyi took his fried rice and sandwich and had a little picnic on the bus hahah oops! :p

MY FACE again



Girl gone crazy in class while tying her hair!

Sogurt with Rachael and Jiahui
This was taken after my ncc air training and tuition, tired as hell!
You know what happened? Bet you don't know except for the people who are in my school's ncc air...
Some of the part b(s) were misbehaving so Danish/Mr Koh decided to punish the whole cohort. And yes, for the part cs (me and my friends) as their leaders, their role models, if we wanna punish them, we'll have to do double of what they did. And now my whole body is aching like shit. I'm not complaining but not bad ah, build more muscles teehee. ;)

Sandwich vending machine in my school! Really very grateful that Mr Azhar became our school's Vice Principal, ever since he came, a whole lot of awesome and cool activities and stuffs came out AHHH OMG

Camwhored like hell with them but a lot of unglam photos that I wouldn't want to upload...
While doing NYAA silver things with Mr Koh! And erm, yes I'm very very very very very very very very crazy when I am with my friends hahaha


Like all same faces ah hahaha.... 



This one is freaking glam like vogue omg hahahaha but never mind! Oh ya, I did this face on purpose, not that when I take then I'm closing my eyes :P

Hi, it's me again!!!

My all time favourite VS angels, Miranda Kerr & Erin Heatherton <3 They are my motivation and yes, my role models hehe I LOVEEEEEE THEMMMMMMM!!!! <3
Really happy to have something in common with Miranda Kerr, ANDDDD IT'S DIMPLES! ;)

Anyways, I'm on keek now!!! You can go to or download the app on your phone. Did 2 keeks so far and new ones gonna come in real soon. :)
Do follow me up on keek or suscribe!!! ;) x

Alright, good bye for now! I will be back with an update again real soon. And probably an interesting one. Bet y'all sick and tired of my face right. Haha alright, till then xo!