Friday, September 7, 2012


Back for an short update again!!!

Argh..... So stressed about the upcoming end of year examinations. It's killing me, all of us (right?). Now I can feel how scary it is when I am doing my n' level papers or even the o' level papers...... When I enter the examination hall.... Omg the stress, IT'S REALLY KILLING ME, killing all of us who have this kind of feeling... Well... but I have to get over it because what is going to happen, is happening. Should not dwell on it, but just study even harder. Alrighty, moving on!

Few days back!

 Out with my mom yesterday :)
I wear until damn slack on that day oops hahahaha

Camwhoring while my mom is trying on clothes!



Time to talk about HATERS....


Okay, so...

There's this girl, whom I don't know has been going around commenting on like everyone's instagram photos... "Harassing" and "Insulting" most of the girls, saying that they're slut, flat-chested, disgusting or whatsoever. 

Yes, I'm here to warn all of you. That person's ig name is "oliviajanelow" BUT....

You do have to know that, that is not the real her.

It's on of that girl, named Olivia's hater, if I am not wrong.

Yeah.... Why not read her blog post? :)
Do pay attention to her this 2 post.....

"Some we win, some we lose."

Well, this is her 2nd post about the instagram incident, but just read the first paragraph!


"I don't have insta. lol."

Her 1st post on the instagram, and yes, she said it is definitely not her as she is using bb and even if she can download insta on her phone, she didn't know.

So this imposter really needa GET A FREAKING LIFE. I'm sorry y'all, but I gotta be mean here. She has not only attacked 1 girl on insta with those kind of insulting words that will hurt a lot..... OKAY SHALL NOT DO SO MUCH OF THE TALKS, let the ss show you what she did. Anyways, if that "oliviajanelow" commented on your photo, just ignore her. We don't have to waste our time on her. :)

Here's her insta profile that I just screenshot:

Since I have follow Eunice, Mae and also Rachel... I have seen her commenting on their photos too so I decided to screenshot it just to show all of you too!




Well, rachel also ss and re-posted it on instagram saying that she got a hater or something similar to that and that's when I found out that "oliviajanelow" commenting all this negative things on Rachel and Mae's photos. Not only them, also the famous blogger, Xia Xue & Naomi

And yes, the picture on the right above, the red part is the REAL OLIVIA'S friend and she said that she doesn't have a instagram and that is definitely not her. -jy_tan
Also, the purple part, this girl who commented on my picture and on Rachel's, giving me the link to the real olivia's blog and then that's when I read her blog post! -rachelsugarrush

I seriously don't get what that person wants........................

 LOL @ THE PERSON SERIOUSLY. Nobody asked that person to follow us if they don't like us spamming pictures or whatsoever right. Nobody complained. AND it's my instagram, my shit, so I do whatever I WANT TO/post whatever pictures I want to, right, agree? :)

Let's not give any fucks about this anymore. ;)


As promised, I'm gonna do a little dedication to my boy <3

SO.... Hello baby, here's just a little dedication/how we first met post to you. ;)

 When we first met, it was back then during September 2010. I remember we first talked was because of a pink headphone that he bought! I knew him through this friend of mine, Chong Zhe (ze best male friend you can ever have but sadly I'm not very close to him anymore). But well.....

We didn't talk to each other for 2 months or so, I think because the holidays so that's why we became like strangers again.......

SO... LOL EPIC MOMENT!!! It happened when the school was about to re-open/start.

Guess who brought us closer this time? Okay, it was this stupid guy (i'm sorry but i really find you stupid but i'm thankful and grateful for whatever you did that brought me closer to my boy), who called me EVERY SINGLE FUCKING NIGHT and harass me and all.... Seriously! At first, he was saying that he was a sec 5 student from MY school, then he said "you go facebook check 'Damien Boiink' (it was baby's fb name at that point of time, but idk whether the boiink spell correctly or not...) , I am that guy" then I was like "aren't you sec 1/going sec 2?" then that imposter of baby said "oh sorry sorry I was just joking with you"

Yeah, so he kept on calling me at night then one fine day, I decided to just go look for baby and ask him, cause that time school just re-open and he got cca on that day, I didn't want to make him look bad in front of his friends so I asked whether he is free after his training so I could ask him something cause I was really pissed at that point of time

Ta-dah~ Then we found out that.................. HE WASN'T THE GUY WHO ALWAYS CALLED ME AT NIGHT. Then all our friends tried to prank call that number but... He didn't pick up. At first they thought it was just Nicholas playing around cause he sounded like Nicholas but then it was not. Sadly, we were not able to find out... So just heck care that guy lah. Just a waste of our time if we continue trying to find out who that person is. He was trying to cheer me up at that time... but he failed cheering me up after all, sorry baby but I love you teehee.

But during the chinese new year holidays and around that time, we hang out a few times and talked then yeah became very very good friends, lol he was teasing me for having small eyes at that time BUT HA, now I have bigger eyes. Baby in what ways can you tease me now? ;) HA HA HA!

I remember he was VERY VERY VERY close to Song Ye (who is now also my best friend's best friend wow so complicated hehe). He kept saying that I was crying when I went out with him and Song Ye, I was wearing contacts at that time then I didn't know my eyes were sensitive to those kind of contacts so yeah, my eyes happened to be freaking red at that time boohoo :'( I look really damn hideous back then, now too!

And basically, a whole lot of things happened... Through all that troubles, we got closer and I don't even want to spend a second to talk about what happened about all the problems and troubles...

Although he asked me through text, but yeah... I took a very long time to consider him, and I think he was probably like "girls girls girls... Every time also like that fuck lah shouldn't have ask" (haha oops but I don't think he will be like that...) At least he made some effort on asking me and took up the courage to ask me out. After all, he is that type of guy who is shy lah. He was damn sweet lah, now also sweet lah but he is more of being himself now as he is very comfortable with me... He can talk about a whole lot of things with me and never get tired! So glad that I met him. He totally changed my life, a lot, he's not just like any other guys, he's mine. <3

And to that person who may be reading this, you know I'm referring to you, I wouldn't want to bring up that matter on my blog that happened during Feb? If I am not wrong.... But, you know, the past is the past. And babe, we're fine now so yeah. Last long too alright!!! <3

That's all you can know...

 The very first picture that we took!!!

Me, him and his dog, stitch ;)

When we went out with my sister

This picture was taken when he was sick. I remember very very clearly!!! Hahaha he kept on sneezing, poor baby :(

Out with him to Orchard, then dinner with his aunt and mom!


When he got his leg fractured... He still came all the way down to kallang leisure to find me and liyi, with ruijie and the rest too!!!

NCC air annual camp 2011

When we were heading to hougang mall mac to study

At vivo

After the cca open house

Recently! Which was Teacher's Day hehe

Alright enough of all this....... Actually, I can never get enough of his love!!!

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Bye you all. I shall concentrate on my studies and exams for now! You all must too, goodbye and have a good night! x