Saturday, July 2, 2011

Love you like a love song.♥

Selena's new song out. It's been quite long alrd. But who cares? Super nice, addicted to it alrd. Her song stuck in my mind.

Nothing much yesterday. Went khakabo, audi for awhile then i watched my movie. Baby was playing bs all the way. He's not always sick & tired of bs. Ha ha, training my bs skills as hard as i can with baby <3 He's sweet enough to train me <3

Happy 4th Monthsary baby!♥

How i wish i can spend my everyday with you, and i won't even get tired of it, i swear. Watching you doing your things, makes me smiling to myself, saying that my sillyboy is so so cute. You always make my day & it just goes on and on. Memories were all just stuck on my mind, and when we talk about it, we were all smiling & laughing all the way, am i right?

Everyone will get into love, and people just got hurt after getting into a r/s. But boy, all those hurtings taught us a whole lot of things. And although sometimes we just breakdown, but i'm still here for you, and your there for me right? I'm still counting on & on, and we'll cfm last forever. You always play thru my mind like a symphony.

I wanna be your girl forever. ♥ The one who makes you go crazy whenever you think of me. I miss those older memories, when we were having so much fun, but now, have to listen to you, must study hard!!! I'll bury myself with my books & homeworks. But once end of year exams over, i'll just have fun with you♥

We started off as strangers, but how we met was a very interesting one! Thanks to the poser who called me. Then we slowly started to talked to each other & notice each other. ♥ In just like a few weeks, i started off being very close to you. & now, you mean the world to me.♥ Wonder how love's so strong hur? Boy i love you no matter what♥ Rmb the night during chinese new year? Thanks for accompanying me for the whole night around my relative's place. Had a really awesome heart to heart talk with you♥

I know i'd always been paranoid & stuffs, get jealous easy too. But i can still control my temper right?(: How lucky i am to have you as my boyfriend♥ All memories will be on my heart & mind forever and always. I really do care about you 'ma boy♥ I know you care for me a lot too! Trying to make me fat by making me eat a lot! he he, taking care of me when i'm sick. How sweet♥

Ha ha baby this is cute right? :3 It's how we'll be like when we're old enough to be married. I srsly have this urge to marry you now!♥ Wanna walk down the red carpet, letting my mum hand my hand to you, and she requesting you to take good care of me. ♥ And we both say "I do" to each other. Then we go for our honeymoon. ♥ (Y)

Our first step to our relationship, and we really started developing our love very very well.♥ Now where we are now? ha ha. We're still as sweet as ever. People must be really very jealous :3 teehee.

The way you always hug me tightly & say that you love me.♥ Ha ha so cute. and the way you so called "whined" to me. Super cute. and the way you said "please" and go winking at me. AWWWWWWWW. Laoniang want to pinch your face like Q#$%^&^%$#$%^&*(.

Everytime i say this to myself, and having the urge to call you, but in the end also too lazy. But we webcam-ed sometimes. Had fun taking screenshots of your cute face!♥ I still have it all in my lappy! You don't do anything wrong, or else i use that to threaten you ah!♥ he he joking urh♥

OHGEY, THIS IS CUTE MAN BABY. It's a crime to steal, so it's a perfect crime that i steal your heart, and you steal mine.♥ You better don't break my heart okay♥

I want to be your girl, a very special girl to you.♥ I want to be the only pretty one in your eyes, the only cute one in your eyes, the only one who you love a lot, the one who you can sacrifice with anything, the only one who you can pamper & care for.♥ I know it's selfish, but i love you, by all means, your mine mine mine♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I still remember clearly how we met. No matter what, all memories are stuck in my heart & mind. I won't forget a single thing!♥

I will stop crapping, and pictures are coming up now!♥

Done with all pictures, ha ha. Though my photograph skills not that nice, but all those were memories!♥ Hope baby reads this, although i know it's like going 12 already, and it's gonna be the end of the day... But hope he will be touched after he read this although i sent him sweet-talking messages about "Happy 4th monthsary" message.(; WINKS secret okay!♥

Kthxbye readers!♥ Although this post, it's for my babyboy. But your still enjoyed right?(: he he. Well, gonna go off now!♥ xoxo!