Saturday, April 30, 2011

We just wanna make the world dance!

Hey lovelove <3.<3 hehe.
Sorry for the super late update that i promised! ); Something has been going on, and making me damn fucking sad luh! );
Well, today studied with baby <3 guai max ley! <3 hehehehe.
And ya, 19April2011, went for Justin Bieber's My world tour concert. Gosh, was awesome max! Shout here, jump there, scream here, justin there. <3 GAH, can't forget that day <3 hehehe. Well, let the pictures or if i can upload the video, also let the video say about that day. Teehee.

That's about it all? Not gonna upload a whole lot of 300++ pictures :O hehe. Well, awesome la dey! hehe. Will do a post of dedications to all my loved ones and friends <3 hhehehehe. <3, okay, see you guys around again soon <3 Buhbye! <3 xoxo.