Thursday, January 21, 2016

Francis & Jean Hair Salon

Hello everyone!! Ahhh I really need to update on this space more often but don't worry, I'll be updating more because I'm having my holidays right now. Deciding on which schools I should go hahaha... It's super stressful to think about my future?!?! I'll just talk about my life and what's happening in my next post so moving on....

 I'm back to blog about my trip down to Francis and Jean. I have finally graduated so... I can finally do something crazy with my hair yay! Haven't really done anything crazy with my hair so I have decided to go with an ash colour. I wanted ash grey but Kenny said that I need to bleach it maybe 3 times so that I can get an ash grey colour, and if I bleach it 3 times, my hair will break. (The history of my hair is meh, because I bleached it a couple of times)

I actually sat down for about 15mins to think about what hair colour I actually want. So I just told Kenny we'll go ahead with the bleaching first and see how it goes. 
Bleaching my hair, but I didn't bleach my roots because 1) It'll hurt like a bitch, it's 100 times worse than dyeing my hair. 2) My tolerance level is not very high hahaha. And also, 3) I do not want to damage my roots.

Bleaching my hair for the 2nd time so that it can be more blonde!

As you can see, the top part of my hair is more blonde because that part is the virgin hair.

HAHAHA omg I look so weird with gold-ish blonde hair?!

Dyeing my hair ash green-ish!!!
Thank you so much Kenny! In love with my new hair.

Here are more pictures with my new hair!! <3
The lighting can really make my hair look different hahaha.

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Francis & Jean Hair Salon:
Far East Plaza #05-08
Tel: +65 6333 8942

Thanks for reading! I'll update soon again so stay tune. Good bye lovely people. <3