Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi you all!!!

It feels great to be back on blogger! I have been focusing on studying a lot... And I won't be able to blog that much anymore since I'm taking my n's this year. So I will most probably be doing all the picture updates if I am not lazy to type a whole chunk of things on this space. Hahahaha alright, moving on.

Went to csm with my girls after school and guess who I saw!?!?!?!?!??

Sentosa and warm bodies with her xoxo <3

Out with bf

Starbucks with my dearest laogong, liyi <3

Taken during camp!

Taken during camp!! During the walk.

Long bus rides with him xoxo


Throwback! I miss my hair and everything... :( I wanna go back to last year :( Damn it, I grew fatter BUT NOT TALLER :(((((( 

Alright, will be back again to update for the ncc annual camp. Till then xo!!!