Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who run this motha' fker?

Hi lovelies. ♥
Okay, the above video is super sweet. A guy wanting to ask to marry this girl, then, he did everything for her, & also when she said yes, they just straight married on the spot. OKAY, although you don't get me here, just watch the video, the quality ain't that good. But at least can see(:

Well, life's been good. Baby's back in sg!~ Meeting him tmrw as well, gonna bring my lappy over to his house. Days without him srsly suck big time. Can't even receive sweet messages from him): But at least i can send him. . . FUCKEN ANGRY. I DON'T KNOW WHY...

Well, let's update about yesterday on the 8th!...

In the morning like 11+ went to Liyi's house after i prepare myself. & guess what? text-ed baby's aunt and she said he's only coming back after approx 10pm -.- Fuck up srsly. Sort of like bashed Tingtat(Liyi's brother), because i was so unhappy about it.

Joanna came, and we went to eat at 34. Saw ahxiang, so seated with him, after eating&drinking, headed to the salon and liyi's gonna trim her hair.

A self picture of me(;

So after her haircut~ We walked to guardian & then to 7eleven.

Saw this super cute kitten & went to carry it. Super cute, but i got wash my hands after that~ MY DEAREST COUSIN KITTY CAT(;

Went back to liyi house, & then xiang, jon, don, all there already.
SO, we all watched a chinese vampire&ghost movie. Everyone's eyes was fucken looking at the movie we downloaded on funshion. ha ha ha so we freakin' went to kallang after that.

Sorry for the unglams^.^ meow~

OKAY, so ahxiang's legs was like JELLY ALREADY. & we just continue walk back home. ha ha ha torturing him man!(Y)

So me & liyi was like starting with the piggyback thingy~ and the rest copycat go follow! meow~

Aftermath, when we were walking halfway thru, Jon go carry nana on his shoulders~ like some ahlong like that HA HA HA. We all laughed our ass offffffff la~ Anyway, Jon & nana are siblings, so ya, dont anyhow think~ Nana with donovan one~<3


Jon & Suyi! <3.<3

Don & nana! <3.<3

nana running away from jon, cause she said something offensive to him LOL. Siblings jiu shi like that~

Okay, enough of my craps...

I'm gonna head out soon enough yeah! Meeting liyi, ah jeann, Jon, nana, joyce, ttho, then we'll be heading to wenyie's condo & swim~ (Y) Although it's raining now, but who cares? ha ha ha, gonna swimswimswimswimswim. But better dont get sick lo, if not my baby will get worried): he he, okay, ciaozxc!:3 Ignore my photo spam, .__. I KNOW IT'S FUGLY!):
kthxbyepeople, love you! xoxo.