Sunday, March 13, 2011

Eyes wide shut ♥

hehehe, back to update now, well, since after cny i've promised all of you to update about it right, but i never even done anything yet, well yeah, pictures gonna be up on facebook soon enough alright! :D

Okay, since i've got nothing to do for NOW. Well, i'm gonna do post for people! :D Well, there are alot of people who are important to me now... 'cuz they were there whole lot of time to support me. I'm so touched okay! :'( Ma' heart melting already yeah! :D

My beloved boy ♥
hahahah, well, we didn't know each other for a long time, but yeah, time really pull our r/s tgt as fast as they could! :D Realize how close we are now? haha, ♥ Sweeter than anything! :D Well, all these days, you've been with me, supporting me, encouraging me, and giving me whole lot of advice in life. I've never regretted to know you okay! No one can tear our r/s right?! :D meowmeow =^.^= I'm like a cat meow-ing to you everytime, and it's quite late and i'm still posting this to you, 10.51pm! tomorrow there's still school! :( Eye bag's gonna come out, okay, i'll shut my craps now. :P Well, all this while... i've been creating trouble for you, but you always just put on that bright smile and settle things smoothly by not hurting me. I know ah, you sometimes ah, talk to me ah, very pek cek ah, but ah, you still control your temper ah! ♥ haha. And yar! Who scold vulgarities must have punishment ah! You like owe me alot of punishment liao horh? Like 1234567890 liao ley! Must return ah! Cannot owe me ah! :D hahha, I know you dote on me ah, so always give in to me ah! At first i get to know you, you were okay to get along with, but once we became closer, and closer, become more and more guailan ley! :( I don't like! Don't be a jared horh! Don't ever lie to me i tell you! :D ♥ and don't lie to other people also okay! XD. I know you respect me uh! ♥ So you just stick with what i say uh! haha, but not everything i say is right, you are always there to correct my life. Haha, after you've stepped into my life, it's like from a very dark place to a very bright place you know! :D Haha, you've sacrifice a lot of me already! Now your leg see la, injured! see la! not becareful! so clumsy uh aiyohh! :@ MUST BECAREFUL UH I TELL YOU! DON'T HURT YOURSELF AGAIN UH! :D Still dare cut yourself with penknife! made me super worried about you luh! still laughing over there! :( Wa, my heart jitao like kana knife stab like that! :( haha, okay la, i stop here alright? Will blog about you another time alright! Hao le la, don't whine to me ah, say you want more post about you ah, okay la, can whine la, whine more! :D then i post for you ah! ♥ Okay, nights!
♥ I'm lovin' TwentyOne's & Third's. ♥

Goodbye readers, have a goodnight sleep! :D
xoxo, Vanessa