Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mixiu mixiu ;(

Hey loved ones! Sorry for not updating... haha, gonna update today like finally? teehee.
Well, here i go :)


Nothing much, but went marina, walked around, went to catch toys, was pissed 'cuz people earned the toy when we was about to catch it siak -.- But nevermind, then after that went long john silver and eat, then headed back to Liyi's house. Learned Tecktonik from donovan, then after that half way gave up. haha, blast music and then went home aftermath.


Went to leisure with liyi, then after that met up with Damien, Marcus, Ahxiang and Jonathan. Well, arcade all the way yeah. Liyi pissed me off and got me walking around and around, went to the toilet and zilian, but all ugly photos, 'cuz mood was totally pffffffft~! :@ And then, get back with liyi, and head back to her house to play kinect, went hyper and super crazy after that, Damien and Liyi was like "I don't know you" face. haha, screaming all the way, i swear that their ear drums burst! Haha, locked up her dogs in the air-conditioned room, and off i go playing kinect! Went crazy when i heard What the hell- AVRIL LAVIGNE. Haha, jumping here and there like mad. and then, dared ttho to stuff sugarcane and tie me up at the window, but i keep on run here and there, then kana caught, i try to run, he tickle me, damn fucking cb fun! and liyi and damien, there sit back relax and watch, never help sia!!! :( So yeah, after the whole lot of fun, went back home.

hehe, yeah, it's today yeah ;)

Okay, today no proper post as i did all this in a ruushyyyyyy rushhh... haha, okay, needa head off to sleep already yeah! Tmrw school's gonna be awesome? :) haha, gonna meet EILEEN <3 MY DEAREST OH MY TIAN! :) Gonna post a proper post soon alright? I promise! :) And yeah, keep more comments coming in okay? :( My guestbook like so quiet... Okay, alot pictures to upload, but almost all very ugly leyy, okok, gonna soon update about Chinese New Year YEAHH! :3

To my dearest CARRINE LOW!!! <3 Have fun in your OBS camp alright? If your dead beat, rest for awhile alright? drink more water!!! :)

PS:// who says girls need guys to lean on? well, i will prove all of you wrong! :)